As per the latest data, NSW has around 310,500 employing businesses, followed by Victoria and Queensland. The data shows NSW has 35.9% of Australia’s employing businesses. Due to the higher number of businesses, electricity consumption in the commercial sector is also higher.

According to energy experts, NSW businesses use most electricity for lighting, followed by computers and cooling. Australia follows an open electricity market where many generating companies can sell power through the central grid.

NSW businesses have the option of choosing electricity retailers that offer the best energy plans that help reduce energy bills. Here are a few ways you can reduce your electricity bills.

Check Your Energy Consumption Pattern

For better electricity comparison NSW, you need to understand your energy consumption pattern. For example, an office building’s energy consumption is determined by working hours and meteorological factors. For example, the NSW Coast has cool winters and hot summers.

The recent climate data indicates that January is the hottest month when temperatures reach 74°F and July is the coldest month when temperatures are around 55°F. It would help if you studied your energy bills for an entire year to understand your commercial energy consumption patterns.

Check Your Current Energy Plan

Before making an electricity comparison in NSW, check your current energy plan to know what rate per unit you pay. Due to the open market policy, electricity retailers offer attractive electricity billing plans to attract and retain customers.

NSW has three electricity distributors, each serving a different geographical region. Each energy retailer offers a wide variety of energy plans, and NSW businesses are free to choose any energy plan that suits their requirements.

Compare Energy Plans

NSW electricity retailers offer unique commercial energy plans designed for NSW businesses. As a commercial customer, you can select any energy plans that offer low rates and higher discounts. For example, some energy plans offer a 19% discount while some offer a 12 to 15% discount.

Some plans are based on a fixed-rate model, while some are based on a variable rate model. Since most retailers do not charge exit fees for these plans, you have the freedom to switch to any money-saving plan as per your requirements.

Install Smart Meters

Smart meters can accurately track your electricity consumption leading to accurate billing. The installation of smart meters also allows you to track your energy consumption online.

Besides that, you can also implement other energy-efficient upgrades that can lower your energy consumption.

Install Energy Saving Lighting

LED lighting lasts longer and also uses less energy while providing the same or better illumination. It would help if you switched to energy-efficient lighting, which will automatically reduce your energy consumption and reduce your energy bills.

You can also bi-level switching that allows you to control the office lighting system in groups. For example, you can switch off the half lights of the office when full illumination is not required.

Install Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors can detect the presence of people in a designated area and switch off lights in vacant areas. These sensors are automatic, and you don't need to switch off the lights when moving out of a specific office area.

To sum up, implementing energy-efficient upgrades is necessary to reduce your electricity consumption, lower your carbon footprint and also help reduce business operational expenses.