Maternity is a beautiful experience and requires extra attention! It is important to take care of your baby even before its birth. Leading a healthy lifestyle and following the right routine can be highly helpful to give a healthy birth to your baby. Many maternity techniques are being practised recently, and hypnobirthing classes in Melbourne are one of them.

Let's know about all that a healthy maternal period requires and how to enjoy this special phase keeping aside all the fears and the negativity!

Why is emotional support important during pregnancy?

The maternal period can be a very sensitive one where emotional support and medical attention go hand-in-hand. In traditional days there were always mothers or sisters to support during the time of pregnancy. But now, as nuclear families have taken over due to various reasons, doulas have been quite helpful.

For the ones who do not know who doulas are and how they play a vital role in the pregnancy period, let us proceed further:

Doula- A real mentor during maternity

A Doula can be a perfect companion for you during the maternity period. She is just like your best friend, sister, a mother who will always provide you with emotional support whenever needed. She will also ensure the right tools and techniques to bring a positive attitude to you and the partner to make the entire maternal journey beautiful.

Though they are not medically equipped, they are skilful in providing adequate emotional support. Nowadays, there are various techniques practised by the caretakers and doulas to provide stronger support to the pregnant mother. Hypnobirthing technique is one of them!

All about Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is a technique that helps in breaking down the fear and anxiety of pregnancy. This practice helps the couples be calm, present, and aware of the birthing experience. It is one such method that helps in finding your powerful self. It's a learning which must start during the early period. One can start this course after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Luckily, there are various hypnobirthing CDs available that can be quite useful to you.

It makes the mother mentally, emotionally, and physically present. Furthermore, it also brings a positive approach towards the last day of labour without any fear or nervousness; it helps the delivery be optimistic and empowering!

Why is Hypnobirthing becoming important?

For anyone looking forward to a positive experience during birth, Hypnobirthing can be an important technique. It is a course that ensures a pain-free birth. Yes! It's true! Hypnobirthing is specially created to help all women to maintain calmness and a relaxed attitude.

The course includes both couples. It is also created for the first, second, or more time mothers planning VBAC (vaginal Birth After Caesarean). Even if you have a planned C-section, it is suited for every birthing situation. The techniques help in building a positive birthing experience for a woman.

How does Hypnobirthing work?

It involves a set of steps that helps the body to relax during labour pain. Relaxation of a body is the foremost motive of Hypnobirthing. Let's talk about the techniques involved here:

Controlled Breathing Technique

Breathing exercises are really important for the relaxation of the body, and the hypnobirthing process makes it happen. You need to breathe deeply in and out through the nose itself in the first step. The second step is a similar one, except you have to extend the inhale and exhale process. This process helps in giving you calming vibes overall.

Maintain the focus on positive words

It is extremely important to shift the focus to positive thoughts and words. It is a great way to bring relaxation to the body. So, replace the negative words with the positive ones and notice the difference!

Positive visualization

This technique is the best one! Here, you are made to go for guided visualization, such as calm music and meditation to soothe your body. Altogether the main motive is to control pain and stress hormones and replace them with happy ones!


Maternity is the most beautiful period and can be enjoyed to its fullest if proper care is taken physically and mentally. Hiring a professional doula and practising proper hypnobirthing techniques can lead to wonders in your pregnancy.

Check out the hypnobirthing classes in Melbourne and get a clear view of this unexceptional practice!

Time to overcome the fear of maternity and to live it to the fullest!