Unfortunately, in today's world, car accidents are an everyday occurrence. It was recorded that 33,244 fatal car accidents occurred in 2019 alone in the US. In light of this, if you are ever involved in a car accident, one of the first steps should be hiring a car accident lawyer from an accident law firm in St. Loius MO or your part of the world. However, before going down this route, there are a few things an individual should keep in mind. This article discusses what you should know before hiring a car accident lawyer.

Why do you need them?

In the United States, most personal injury claims arise from car accidents. There are situations when such accidents are minor and only cause little damage to the car; hence, insurance companies can handle it. However, in situations where severe damage is caused to the vehicle, person or mental state, hiring a specialist in the form of a car accident lawyer is vital.

A professional and experienced car accident lawyer can help an individual in the following areas:

  • To guide you through the legal process.
  • To handle the paperwork of the process.
  • To receive compensation for medical expenses.
  • To receive compensation for car repairs.
  • To receive compensation for losing wages.
  • To help you seek justice in cases of a loved one's death.

Skills to look out for

When choosing a car accident lawyer, there are a few things an individual should expect from their lawyer. A car accident lawyer can work in a wide range of fields, including wrongful death, personal injury, liability determination, property destruction, etc. when selecting a lawyer, keep in mind their specific area of work, location, commitment, skill set, fees format, etc. important.

It is essential to check the background, previous track record, number of wins, and references of a lawyer before hiring them. For example, hiring a lawyer uncomfortable with the auto laws of Long Beach vehicular injury is undesirable for someone filing a suit in that area. And hence one should make sure a car accident lawyer knows national and state transport laws and how to settle cases, prepare briefs and deal with health and insurance companies effectively.

Contacting lawyers

An individual should contact a car accident lawyer shortly after the accident has occurred. Different states and countries have other deadlines for the last date to fill a damage claim. If one contacts a car accident lawyer after the deadline for filing the injury claim is up, there is no point. Hence, the sooner, the better when it comes to hiring a car accident lawyer.

Fee structure:

The usual market trend when looking at attorney fees is that it works on the no-win-no-pay model. This typically means that an attorney is only paid if they win the case. They are usually paid a percentage of the compensation awarded. The percentage is usually pre-decided and can range from 30 % to 45%.

An individual should keep in mind hiring a car accident lawyer who works on a similar model as there is an added incentive to win. Their earnings happen only if you win; therefore, you can rest assured that they will leave no stone unturned in your legal representation.


Keeping in mind the fess, skill type, area of expertise and background of a car accident lawyer before hiring them is essential, as highlighted above. For example, a lawyer practising in an accident law firm in St. Louis MO will be more comfortable with handling claims that arose from the same area. Hence, after considering the points mentioned above, one can, without a doubt, hire a car accident lawyer.

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