Garlic cloves are probably one of the oldest home remedies known to man. They have been used for centuries as medical treatments and to cure a variety of ailments. Here is a look at garlic cloves and their various uses.

Garlic cloves can be used as a treatment for minor ailments such as the common cold. Just make a small clove of garlic and add salt and pepper to it and then insert it into your nostrils. If you have been to a doctor or chiropractor they will most likely want you to crush the clove and inhale the steam from the juice instead of taking the recommended drugs for your ailment.

You can use Australian Garlic in an attempt to cure yourself of vaginal yeast infection. You can then cover the clove with cheesecloth or something else to prevent the clove from being damaged by the friction of movement around it. If desired, you can then burn a garlic stem to create hot steam for the insertion into the vagina. This works quite well but is careful to only use a cutting board that is made for burning things.

Garlic cloves also work quite well as a home remedy for snake and spider bites. All you need to do is insert a fresh clove of garlic cloves into the mouth of the bite victim and allow it to cool down a bit. Once it does, you can then hold it over the bite's mouth and gently pull the bulb out with the peel. This should create enough pressure to remove the bulb from the skin. Be sure to wear gloves to prevent you from being infected with bacteria from the clove's shell.

If you want to treat external haemorrhoids, then garlic cloves are even more potent in your treatment. Be sure to leave at least a couple of millimetres of space at the bottom of the insertion because you don't want the clove of garlic to fall out while pulling out the bulb. Leave the clove in place for a few hours and then repeat the procedure to rid you of the problem.

Perhaps the best way to enjoy garlic cloves without having to peel or chew on them is to grate them into fine dust with a mortar and pestle. To make fine dust, all you have to do is take a fresh peeled and grated garlic clove, a teaspoon of kosher salt, and heat the mortar and pestle over medium heat until the salt begins to dissolve.

When the mixture is ready, simply throw the garlic clove into the mixture and let it sit for approximately twenty minutes until the salt has completely dissolved. It is now time to enjoy your garlic cloves! You may even add a clove or two of fresh garlic to your favourite chilli recipe to enhance the spice, but be sure to keep

in mind that any additions made to an already mild dish will not be as spicy when added to a hot dish.