When one needs legal counsel, hiring a lawyer is the obvious choice. However, the trouble begins in evaluating which kind of lawyer one needs. For example, if an individual is in a car accident compared to a divorce, the kind of lawyers needed changes drastically.

In most automobile accidents, you can hire a special lawyer known as a car accidents lawyer. You can also hire a general lawyer for the same. This article will examine the difference of roles between a car accident lawyer and a general lawyer to help you make an informed decision if need be. If any additional legal services are required, one should contact Hartunian Law Firm, based in Palm Desert, CA.

Defining the role of a general lawyer

A general lawyer is a type of attorney who does not specialize in one field of law. Instead, their practice has a more general approach as they simultaneously practice in different fields of law.

A general lawyer can practice many different types of law all at the same time. For instance, they can practice environmental law alongside civil litigation law or family law as well as immigration law. The possibilities are many as there is a lot of diversity even within the different branches of law.

Defining the role of a car accident lawyer

A car accident lawyer formally classifies as a personal injury lawyer. In addition, when one experiences a physical or emotional injury or damage due to the negligence of a third party, the services of a personal injury lawyer come into play.

The services of a car accidents lawyer are essential as statistics suggest that an average of 6 million Americans have car accidents every year.

Among the different types of cases injury lawyers deal with, a common subgroup is car accidents. This has resulted in the creation of a specialist kind of lawyer who deals with car accidents.

Level of specialization

A major difference between general lawyers and personal injury lawyers is the level of specialization in their practices. General lawyers work across different disciplines and implement many different branches of law simultaneously. The amalgamation of different laws implies that general lawyers can apply a more broad-minded and cross-discipline approach to any case they approach. They are capable of discovering additional claims from different branches of law and borrowing a broader framework.

Tort law

On the other hand, a car accident lawyer has specialized in the field of personal injury law. The main kind of law dealt with is called tort law. For example, an individual who has suffered damage or sustained an injury from a car accident due to another person's negligence falls under this branch of law.

A car accidents lawyer primarily focuses on tort law and the other laws implemented in car accidents. They are well versed with national and state transportation laws. A car accident lawyer also knows insurance and medical laws as they are often used in cases.

The specialization of a car accidents lawyer implies that they are experienced in handling all kinds of motor collision cases. Therefore, they can ascertain the level of damage suffered by a part and monetarily express the compensation required. In case one needs to avail similar services, Hartunian Law Firm provides quality legal counsel.


Comparing a general lawyer with a car accidents lawyer is not easy as they play a role in different circumstances. Therefore, one should identify the parameters of their situation and decide which kind of lawyer would better suit their requirements. In case an individual cannot make a choice, Hartunian Law Firm can help in this regard.
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