Do you usually opt to pull your best 3 speed commuter bikes out of the garage in the morning and take one of them to work instead of driving a car or taking the bus? If you’re a dedicated bike commuter, you may have some questions or concerns about how you can keep commuting in the fall when the temperatures begin to drop. Biking in cool weather can come with its own unique set of challenges but is entirely feasible as long as you’re well-prepared. To keep riding your bike to and from the office in the fall, make sure to heed these simple biking tips.

Carefully Check Forecasts To Plan Your Bike Trip

Even if you rely on the best electric commuter bike out there to help get you to work on time, you may need to plan your bike rides around the weather as temperatures plummet. When the fall season rolls around, start checking forecasts before heading out every morning in order to plan for potential health or safety hazards that could arise. To be extra careful, you may need to read up on the forecasts and then:
  • Adjust the time frame within which you go out on your bike
  • Change your planned bike route to avoid slippery or icy areas
  • Layer up to be prepared for fluctuating temperatures

Revamp Your Fall Biking Wardrobe To Get Ready for Cooler Temperatures

Long commutes on even the sturdiest men’s hybrid bike out there can quickly get chilly and even uncomfortable in the fall. If you want to avoid feeling frozen or even risking health issues such as hypothermia by the time you reach your office or home, you may need to revamp your biking wardrobe to include seasonally appropriate biking attire. Some options you could add to your fall outfit collection that can help keep you warm while helping you look sharp for work include, but are not limited to, the following.
  • Lightweight sweaters
  • Breathable long-sleeved athletic shirts
  • Sturdy, wind- and rain-resistant jackets
  • Scarves, hats and gloves
  • Boots or durable tennis shoes

Take Special Care of Your Bike Throughout the Season

Finally, remember that your bike may need a little more care than usual during the fall. As opposed to the summer, when your biggest bike care concern may have been dirt or mud build-up on the tires, fall weather can potentially lead to frozen parts, salt damage and more. To keep your bike in good shape for your fall commute, make sure you:
  • Take your bike in for regular check-ups at the shop
  • Ensure proper bike suspension and avoid potential damage from salted roads
  • Wash your bike with warm, soapy water regularly
  • Use a special bike lubricant to keep your bike moving properly
When cooler weather starts to arrive in your area, you may want to start preparing for a slightly adjusted bike commute. In order to bike safely and comfortably in the fall, you’ll need to check weather forecasts each day before heading out, revamp your biking wardrobe and give your bike a little extra TLC. With these biking tips, you can enjoy a cosy commute even when the weather starts to get chilly.