If you have upcoming weddings this fall but are not sure how you can pull off the dress you have your eye on, I have the solution for you. This summer, when I attended weddings for some of my closest friends, I started using boob tape to make sure I could rock any low-cut or low-back dress. It became one of my saving graces, and now it goes with me almost everywhere in my purse. I never know when I may need it, or another woman will need a little support! If you have some fall weddings in your future and need a solution to your bra needs, then keep reading. I will talk about why boob tape can make these outfits a breeze and one of the best companies out there, BoobHold.

Why Traditional Bras Don’t Work

There are so many different multi-way bras out there. Do they work? For some outfits and clothing choices, yes. I am sure you are like me and know that formal dresses are a whole new ballgame. With low necklines, barebacks, and thin straps, a regular bra will not do. I am not ashamed to admit I have bought several of the most popular multi-way bras out there, and they sit in my lingerie drawer untouched. Pretty soon, they will end up in the trash. I found a product that is so much better. It is more comfortable, customizable, and more affordable. It is boob tape. If you’ve never used it before, do not feel nervous. I will tell you more about why it is a perfect addition to your lingerie drawer and the best boob tape out there, BoobHold.

What Makes Boob Tape So Amazing

Now do not get me wrong, there are some horrible quality boob tapes out there. I have tried several of them. I am here to help you avoid having to go through that trial and error. Here is why BoobHold is the best. Their tape:

  • Is available in 16-foot rolls that allow for customizable strip length.
  • Provides maximum hold all day while feeling lightweight.
  • Applies easily and removes painlessly.
  • Can work with any outfit in your closet.
  • Contains no latex and is hypoallergenic.
  • Comes in black and has four different shades of skin tone.

If these features of BoobHold have caught your attention, then I highly suggest checking their website out.

When to Add-In an Accessory

I have found that adding in nipple covers from the same brand has been a great accessory to the tape. They can be purchased separately or in a bundle with the tape. When wearing for a long period of time, they definitely help with wearability and make the removal even more comfortable. Who doesn’t love an accessory?

Your Fall Weddings - Looking Your Best

Fall is my favourite season, and fall weddings make me so happy. If you are like me and have one or several in your future, I hope you give BoobHold a try. I have a feeling you will be looking and feeling your very best in your dress and will be rocking boob tape at all your spring and summer weddings in the upcoming year!