After reading this you will never give anyone your partner's number, not even your sister.

I was born into a family with four children, two boys and two girls. Although I am 5 years older than my sister, the type of relationship we share makes some people believe that we are the same age. We have that kind of connection, we can talk about anything, regardless of our age difference. When she is by my side, she is very brave, and I appreciate that, because it means that whenever she encounters a problem, we can solve it together.

I am Xie De's sister. She often comes to me to guide her interpersonal relationship when she is confused, and I am always there to help her solve problems. I have been a partner for the past six years and when I give guidance, I always use my own experience for comparison purposes.

In this cruel world we live in, I always strongly encourage her to be with a man and protect herself from all the terrible things that are happening around her and around the world. She asked me for advice on dating, but due to the complicated situation, I was unable to give it to her. Then I introduced him to my partner, to ask him questions about his curious boy. I gave him my boyfriend's phone number as a gift.

A few days later, I found that the two had forged an indissoluble bond because she always smiled at the phone when she talked to him. However, knowing that my partner is a good person, I think he is just to impress my sister, so I didn't think much about it. In fact, I was relieved because he at least became familiar with my family. What happened about a month later might not make me feel better at all.

When he called me by their names, my boyfriend and I enjoyed each other's company, which surprised me. After we all realized that he called me by name, the fact that he seemed to be scared worried me.He just started explaining himself and making up absurd excuses, without even asking me anything.I'm just saying it's good, but it's eroding me from within. When I got home, I found out that my little sister was asleep, I picked up her cell phone to see what she and my partner were talking about.

This prompted him to call me by name when we were doing something. When I opened his WhatsApp, I was surprised by what I found.

See the screenshot of WhatsApp chat below

Ever since I started this conversation, I have been confused. If there is something wrong between these conversations, I am not sure if I read it wrong or if there is something wrong between these conversations. I desperately need your help. What should I do if I am in this position now?

Should I walk up to her and face her?

If this is the case, what should I say because there is no sign that they are dating or flirting?

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