As parents, we always aspire to provide the best for our children. Whether it is their clothes, food, schools, or enjoyment, parents always put their kids’ needs above themselves. 

In the quest to providing the best of everything, there are times when parents fail to do their due diligence. This is most striking in the realm of education. The growth and emergence of international schools is one area where many parents are interested. 

They want their kids to go to the best and most expensive international school. There is an underlying ‘status’ and ‘class’ factor also built into this decision. However, the educational needs and interests of the children should be a top priority for the parents. 

In this article, we are going to look at some of the top mistakes parents make when choosing an international school. If you are deliberating sending your kids to an international school, you should read the article till the end. 

What are International Schools and why you should send your children to one?

International Schools are educational institutions that have a no-compromise attitude towards education. In this regard, they provide- 

  • The best educational infrastructure
  • Employs the most qualified teachers
  • Offer excellent extracurriculars 
  • Focus on character building and mental development
  • Provide high-quality meals and nutrition to children

They are also accredited with global universities and academic institutions that provide the best and most advanced educational curriculums. A child that studies from an international school emerges as one that has truly global exposure to subjects, cultures, languages, and ways of life. 

A lot of individuals that are in jobs that require them to travel, like corporate professionals, diplomats, and politicians want a school where their child can study with the best facilities. 

An international school appeals to such cross-sections of the population. Invictus is an international school from Singapore that attracts children from the best families. 

List of 5 Mistakes Parents make when choosing an International School

1. Falling for International Schools that are simply Business Models- 

International schools are a big business model. Many businessmen, who do not have any experience in the educational sector have jumped on the opportunity because of the profitability involved. Parents should do their research before opting for schools whose management and leadership have no or very little experience in the educational sectors. 

2. Opting for International Schools with a High Teacher Attrition rate- 

A gold standard to judge how good an international school is is by looking at the attrition rates of the teachers at the school. A good international school strives to keep its staff happy and content. This results in fewer teachers resigning and allows for continuity and stability in educational processes and structures. Teachers should spend a minimum of 4 years in a school. 

3. Not asking and evaluating Hidden Payments and Charges- 

Parents should not make the mistake of thinking about just the international school fees as the only expenditure. Schools that are run as business plans have a plethora of hidden charges and payments that can put parents in a tight spot as far as expenditures go. This is why you need to talk and find out about everything from session fees, event fees, and so on. 

4. Taking Admissions in an International School with a Single Branch- 

We already mentioned how the profitability of this industry has attracted the interest of businessmen. These individuals are not concerned about anyone’s future and will simply close down an educational institution if it stops making financial sense to them. This is why parents should always opt for international schools that have branches in different countries and cities. 

5. Not Interviewing the Staff Members at the International School- 

Parents need to remember that it is the future of their kids that is at stake. This is why they need to double-check everything important about the international school. They should not fail to talk to the principal, teachers, and coaches at the school. They should also examine the overall infrastructure at the school and figure out whether their child will fit in nicely or not. 

The Final Word

By paying attention to the above-mentioned mistakes, parents will be in a much better position to choose an international school. If you have any more questions, or clarifications that you would like from us, let us know in the comments below. Remember, that your child’s 

education is probably the hardest and most important decision you will ever be making in your lifetime.