The COVID-19 pandemic has had severe effects on the global beauty industry. In the heat of it all were lockdowns that severed customers from getting a haircut at their favourite barbers. The several protocols in place today are not making it any easier either. However, for professionals who give themselves to innovation, there's a good chance of growth in the long run. Barbershops are seeking to scale their businesses above the realities. Customers want their hair service at a comfortable place that ticks all the COVID-protocol boxes. How can barbers rise to the occasion? Check out these three ways to upgrade your barbershop.

1. Set a suitable theme

In several countries across the world, restrictions are easing up. Things are starting to return to normal even though we have a long shot until carefree open concerts. As customers return to their favourite salons, an interior design that speaks for itself is the first thing they're likely to be impressed by.

Theming your interior can take several forms, and design and d├ęcor tips that work for a homeowner might not work for commercial places. Interior designs come and go, and you don't necessarily need to follow the trends. Choosing the right colours, upholstery, and design that resonate well with your audience might be enough. You can then integrate these themes into your barber station and its infrastructure.

Note that having a slick design isn't where it all ends. Ensuring your barber station has top-quality infrastructure and products is very crucial. Nothing beats a durable barber chair with a comfortable headrest and an adjustable footrest for your customers. There may be many options on the market when looking for the best barber chairs for sale. Generally, a salon with a classic design may count as the best way to receive your customers after a long break.

2. Focus on comfort

A salon's interior will attract customers, but your shop's comfortability will convince them to sit for a haircut. Barbershop managers need to check for overall comfortability, not just in their furniture. For barbers who have had to close down for a long time due to COVID-19, you may have to check your air conditioner or perhaps your entire HVAC system for inefficiencies.

Is your barbershop's energy bill constantly increasing without your HVAC unit performing at peak efficiency? Is your indoor air quality deteriorating? Well, those are signs that your HVAC system might be inefficient. A new HVAC system can help regulate the air quality and keep your barbershop's humidity levels in check during the winter. One added benefit, especially in this coronavirus era, is that humidifiers might help to reduce infection rates at your barbershop.

An inefficient HVAC system might give your customers a hard time staying for long hours at your shop. Salons are more than places where customers get their hair done. According to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture (NMAAHC), barbershops have become a source of cohesion for local communities. Many people make regular visits to enjoy the company of each other.

It's in the best interest of salon managers to ensure that comfort is guaranteed at all times through the seasons. In effect, an investment in a barbershop HVAC system can never be a miss. On cold winter days, you can install a humidifier to increase moisture levels in the air during winter. Also, it pays to have a professional HVAC technician for regular maintenance checks.

3. Provide an experience

Many barbers are usually fixated on fielding the best hair services. However, as a brand, providing an experience and not just the product improves customer loyalty. Additionally, it enhances your business visibility among competitors. Upgrading your barbershop will require significant levels of trust between your brand and the market. You'll have to ensure a good balance of efforts to serve both existing and prospective clients. Focusing on your customers lets you press the right buttons to ensure that your customers enjoy the utmost comfort at your barbershop.