Spanish style homes

If you are looking for a new type of house for you and your family, you might want to change up the traditional American style and choose something a little more interesting! Instead of choosing typical row houses, Tudor houses, or other styles that have been only influenced by American culture, you can choose a more global option that has numerous architectural benefits, interesting design features, and beautiful decor aspects that make you never want to move from your house!

Let’s see the most attractive features of a new type of house that you can look for and where to find homes for sale!

The most attractive features of Spanish style homes!

There are numerous features of Spanish style homes that make them ideal to live in when you are in a hot or desert climate. For those who live in the midwestern United States or the Central United States, like Arizona or New Mexico, you need to make sure that your homes can be conducive to more airflow and a reduction in overall temperatures.

The architecture allows for extra airflow

The best part about Spanish style homes is the architecture that allows for increased airflow. Instead of being stuffy and congested while living in hot-weather climates, you can rely on the architectural design and construction of your house to avoid overheating and lack of airflow.

Stucco and adobe

The second benefit of Spanish style homes is the fact that adobe and stucco can adequately transfer temperature to the interior of the houses. When you are living in hot and humid climates, such as desert areas like Arizona, you need to make sure your Spanish style home uses adobe and stucco material so that the heat does not overheat the temperature of the house.

If you live in a warm climate like in Palm Springs, California, the beneficial features of Spanish style homes can help you stay cool during the hot summer months.

Low-pitched and flat roofs

The third feature of Spanish style homes that can help those who live in hot climates is the low-pitched roof with no overhang. This type of roof ensures that you do not get too much heat buildup, and is characteristic of the homes in numerous communities, like in Palm Springs, California.

Half-round arches and doors

The final feature that is characteristic of Spanish style homes is the round arches, windows, and doors. The rounded arches and doorways allow for greater airflow and movement of air due to the lack of sharp angles in the house. Furthermore, the rounded arch and doors create a more open floor plan that is conducive to cooling off the interior of the home while living in hot climates, like in Palm Springs, California.


There are many features of Spanish style homes that are conducive to living in hot climates, such as rounded arches, low roofs, stucco material, and architecture that is meant to allow for breezes from the outside to cool off your house. When you live in a hot climate, such as Palm Springs, California, having a Spanish style home is the best choice!