Before you buy photo albums online, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the many types of wedding photo albums available and the distinctions between them. Knowing what sort of albums you want will allow you to compare rates and determine whether your photographer is getting you a decent bargain on your wedding picture album. Furthermore, if you are looking into turning the digital copies of your wedding photos into a photo book, then best head over to They made photo book creation a lot easier and customizable for your needs.

Matted albums

Wedding photo albums with mats are the most conventional and formal type of wedding album. Each page comprises a stiff cardboard mount into which a loose printed photo is put before being cemented. When the album is closed, the mount is slightly raised above the photo so that the pictures do not touch.

A matted album page might contain a single image or numerous images, each in its aperture. Matted albums are sometimes known as reversible albums since they can hold either portrait or landscape images. Matted albums are best suited for a traditional or formal wedding.

Albums with Flush Mounts

Flush mount wedding photo albums are thought to be more modern than matted albums. A flush mount album page is a borderless photographic print on a rigid board that can include one or many photographs. Flush mount wedding photo books come in two varieties:

  • Coffee table books often contain distinct images with printed borders, even if they may overlap.
  • Magazine-style wedding photo albums are more inclined to include full-page photos and pictures that coincide with no discernible borders.
Flush mount wedding photo books are a contemporary option that complements the trendy photojournalist and Vogue wedding photography styles. However, you should inspect the quality of your flush mount album because it might vary substantially. Because the photographs touch when the book is closed, the pages may stay together and become damaged. Check with your album provider to see if a protective coating will be applied to prevent this from happening.

Gift albums

Gift photo albums are miniature replicas of the main wedding album. They may have all of the same photographs but smaller, or they may only contain a few pictures. Parent albums are typically 20cm square and, as the name suggests, provide an excellent gift for the bride and groom's parents. Gift books in smaller sizes are frequently available and make ideal thank you gifts for your bridesmaids, maid of honour, or the best man.

Slip-in photo albums

Slip-in albums are available in various formats ranging from 6x4 inches to A4 sizes. Typically, they include clear plastic pockets into which images can be inserted from the side of the top. Unless you use Flip albums, it is often impossible to see the back of the photograph from the opposite side of the page. Some slip-in albums include a memo section where you can jot down notes.

Before you buy photo albums online, consider how you will use your wedding album. A sleek flush-mounted magazine type album is a good option if you want something that will be on display in your living room all the time. A matted album may be a better alternative for you if you are more concerned with having a classic, timeless album that you can store in a safe location and present to your grandchildren.

Don't forget to talk to your wedding photographer about all of your alternatives. They will have the experience and understanding to point you in the proper route.

About The Author: Sanath Pollemore