Steiner Ranch is a community that is located in northwest Austin, and it was master-planned. That means that you get the best of the best, and it has countless amenities that make it feel more like you are having a permanent vacation instead of moving into a neighbourhood. Close to Austin, you get to experience a great area with hundreds of options for entertainment, and in most cases, you may not even need a car.

Chittim Circle Is Where You Will Find Opulence

Chittim Circle is a quiet neighbourhood that offers high-end houses that are newer and made for comfort. You will have all the space you need with open rooms meant for relaxation. You will find playrooms or extra space for offices, while most houses come with a sitting area, gym, and nursery. You will be near exemplary schools, the lake, and a dog park.

Because the neighbourhood is high-end, the houses are priced higher. While they were cheaper in recent years, the prices of homes have gone up. For a place in this neighbourhood, you should expect to pay $700,000 to $900,000.

Old-Salt Trail Has Lovely Steiner Ranch Homes For Sale

Old-Salt Trail has lovely single-family homes available as well. They compare nicely to Chittim Circle. The main difference is a two-car garage instead of three and fewer bathrooms. The houses are still newer, built in the 90s instead of the sixties like others; the neighbourhood is charming, you have no rear neighbours, and the homes will have vaulted ceilings.

Some even have a wood-burning fireplace in the family rooms for additional comfort. Each bedroom is typically located at the second-floor level and the utility rooms, while the master bedroom has its sitting area by the windows. Houses in this neighbourhood will cost between $400,000 to $700,000 and are near great schools. While one school is rated at a seven out of ten, the other two are ranked nine out of ten.

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Flat Top Ranch Brings The Best

Flat Top Ranch Road is where you will see the higher-end homes. It is here that you will see houses with six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a three-car garage in most cases. You will also have the advantage of having privacy where you need it. With the most scenic views you can imagine, the houses offer a spacious floor plan with even bigger outside spaces to create an individualized and customized living experience in the hill-country type of lifestyle.

The community also has shopping, dining, entertainment that includes hiking, pools, and community centres. However, the best advantage is the waterfront lake club that allows you to see exactly what this area can give you. To live in this area, you should expect to pay $ 900,000 to $1,500,000.

Something For Everyone To Enjoy

Whether you need a cozy home or a larger one, Steiner Ranch has something for everyone to enjoy, and they have multiple price ranges for you to choose from. Enjoy the luxury and comfortable life while letting your loved ones enjoy the outdoor life and style.