Emerging market related to yoga and gym is now blooming. Athleisure is now a new fashion category that is adding more and more brands and their customers also. Scrunch leggings are such products that instantly became popular due to social media and short video networks. Let’s check such promising brand “Seasum”.

  • Makes your backside look Insta-worthy!
  • Perfect for jogging or lazing at home.
  • The double-layer fabric prevents wear and tear.
  • Multiple colour options to choose from.
  • Side pockets help in carrying small items like phones and credit cards.

  • Tummy control is not up to the mark.
  • Light shades might seem see-through.
  • Not 100% squat proof.
  • Not Durable

About Seasum

Seasum is a renowned online retailer of women’s stylish workout clothing, yoga wear, gym wear and other types of sportswear. Specialized fabric can keep you basked in luxurious comfort while delivering stellar performance with superior stretch and flexibility. While the Seasum brand focuses mostly on women’s activewear, you can also avail fashion clothing for ladies either from its website or Amazon. It has been uniquely crafted to deliver requisite support to your active lifestyle. It ships to more than 200 plus countries around the globe for catering to a wider group of ladies who wish to look and feel stylish in every field of life.

Seasum Scrunch Leggings Review

I felt like a member of the Kardashian clan wearing these booty scrunch leggings. All of my flaws were camouflaged with its textured fabric for a flattering fit. It was like having that dream derrière without having to work hard in the gym. High-waist nature rendered adequate support to my tummy area while offering a streamlined look that turned heads at the gym. Ladies came up to me and couldn’t stop complimenting its 3D textured finish which can make my back assets look more eye-catching. One of the biggest problems we all face while exercising is excess sweat which can make us feel uncomfortable. But this is not the case with my Seasum Scrunch leggings which dried out quickly and came off as adequately stretchy for my Pilates session.

Should I buy Seasum Scrunch Leggings?

The Viral TikTok leggings have become a phenomenon in itself. You can see them everywhere starting from gyms to celebrity Insta handles and many more. Its USP lies in the unique honeycomb sculpting fabric which induces a natural butt-lift while camouflaging your problem zones. The curved seams guarantee enhanced support and shape. Netizens couldn’t get enough of these anti-cellulite leggings which could help bid goodbye to camel toe or wedgies. Your booty gets accentuated to perfection as you flaunt your curvy build and slender leg with the flattering exercise-approved leggings.

Seasum has garnered a solid fan following with its pocket-friendly yet extremely comfortable apparel options for women. The material actually feels like a second skin to keep you basking in comfort whether you are running errands, going out for a jog or simply rolling around on your home couch. You can take your pick amongst a variety of colours and silhouettes which can elevate your appearance with its butt-sculpting attributes. Gone are the days when you had to worry about panty lines becoming visible under your leggings as the Seasum scrunch leggings can render a streamlined appearance.

It can easily be matched with a variety of shirts for transitioning easily from dressy to casual within minutes. Since the leggings became viral in TikTok, the stock tends to run out quickly. Other than the workout leggings, you can also pick amongst seamless, textured, long sleeve and short sleeve tops and specialized shorts with high-waist, ruched fit, scrunched butt and similar options. The USP of Seasum lies in its super-affordable price range which can help you fill in your wardrobe with a variety of workout wear.

Instant waist crunching and tummy tucking attributes can help you nail that hourglass silhouette of dreams without having to put in much effort. A high waistband is placed to hold the leggings in place by preventing both slippage and sagging. If you have been feeling insecure throughout life for having a flabby butt, then the Seasum Scrunch Leggings can serve as your nirvana by lifting up your peaches and rendering it a sexy round shape.

You can easily go ahead and pose for those sultry back selfies after spending some gruelling hours at the exercise studio. These butt-lifting wonders are crafted using the best of materials like spandex and polyamide blend which can remove moisture from your body and keep you feeling dry while exercising. The superelastic fabrics deliver strong compression while making them perfect for all body types. You can also read customers review here.

Where to buy Seasum Scrunch Leggings?

The best place to buy Seasum scrunch leggings and other apparel for women is its website since it offers free shipping on cart value exceeding $50. You can get a flat 5% discount on buying 2 pieces of sportswear and by using the code S05. A whopping discount of 15% on the cart value is applicable on purchasing 3 items and by using the code S15.