Sizwe Dhlomo has clarified that Kaya FM is Black-owned, in light of a Twitter user attempting to suggest that Dhlomo works for Johan Rupert.

Sizwe Dhlomo

Sizwe Dhlomo took to Twitter on Thursday, 22 July 2021, to assert that Kaya FM is Black-owned. The conversation on the ownership of the radio station was sparked by the reports of Johan Rupert owning a portion of most notable brands and businesses in the country. Rupert is said to be the second-richest man on the continent. Therefore, in light of heightened racial tension locally, Twitter users were suggesting that people of colour that work for Rupert’s multiple businesses are co-opted.

Hence, when the suggestion of Dhlomo working for a radio station owned by Rupert was raised, Dhlomo was quick to dismiss the unfounded allegations. Moreover, Dhlomo managed to slight the radio station which arguably gave him his start in radio broadcasting, YFM, by suggesting that the radio station might be owned by Rupert.

Explaining the ownership structure of Kaya FM, Dhlomo wrote, “Thebe is the majority owner. Then after that, Kagiso. Primedia had a stake in Kagiso at some point.”

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