Ntando Duma issued an apology following her live session, showcasing her defensiveness at being called out for her parking infringement that went viral.
Ntando Duma apologises

Ntando Duma took to Twitter on Tuesday, 6 July 2021, to issue an apology to her followers. The apology was in light of the viral video shared of Duma lambasting a concerned citizen over her parking infringement. In the video, a White woman can be heard telling Duma that she is not allowed to park in the allocated persons with disabilities parking space. Instead of owning up to her mistake, apologizing, and suggesting that she would move after collecting her bags, Duma opted to pull the race card.

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Not only that, but the star went on to call out the concerned citizen by threatening violence on her and her family. It seemed that Duma believed that she could excuse her behaviour by highlighting the race of the concerned citizens. However, after the live session went viral and was reshared on Twitter, commentators highlighted that considering that she was in the wrong, drawing on race for public sympathy is a low blow.

In response, Duma stated, “I have a deep regard for why disabled parking and other facilities exist and the decision to park at that bay was not frivolous as I was instructed to park by the food establishment, given that this was a quick up and did not require me waiting long or leaving the car.”

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