Ntando Duma trends on social media as South Africans cancel her for being rude to an old white woman.
Ntando Duma

In a video that surfaced on Twitter, the actress who was Live on Instagram with fans was seen addressing a situation.

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Ntando cursed the gogo and the daughter of the woman who tried talking to her.

She went as far as saying the old gogo was mentally derailed.

“Your mother is mentally disabled… Fvck you and your mother,” she said to the daughter of the white old woman

Reacting to the actress rude behaviour, a tweep said: “Ntando is so wrong.. At her age she should know that you don’t park your car at a disability parking when you’re not disabled . All this for clout, they ain’t even cussing her but she’s busy cussing them, even old people..”

The actress and media personality either went live especially to document the incident or was already live and chose to continue. At the beginning of the video Ntando Duma asks, “So, what’s your problem? What’s your point?”

Elsewhere in the video, she can be heard asking the woman warning her, “How do you know I don’t use a wheelchair?” A futile performance as her audience knows that she doesn’t use a wheelchair.

In the background, the woman can be heard asking Ntando Duma how she would feel if someone close to her needed the parking spot dedicated for the disabled but was unable to use it because someone who didn’t need it was occupying it?

While the video was trained on her the whole time, Ntando Duma made sure to let her followers and viewers know that it was just a white woman trying to police her.

Perhaps, hoping for resounding support and a chorus of “abelungu bayadina” from her audience.

“You must tell that to your mother. F you and your mother”, she tells the woman.

Disabled parking bays are closer to entrances and are bigger for a reason. They offer space and access for people who have mobility issues, such as people who use wheelchairs including older persons.

Disability Info South Africa cites the Road Traffic Act 29 of 1989, “Municipalities provide for special parking spaces for people with prescribed disabilities or persons who transport them. If you have a disabled parking disc, you need to display the disc clearly in your windscreen.”

Another video recently went viral after its creator showed himself faking an injury to avoid a long queue at the airport and get wheeled around, taking away valuable resources from disabled passengers.