Thinking of moving to Hawaii? We don’t blame you! With sunny skies, beautiful beaches, surfing classes, and around the year good weather, Hawaii is the perfect space for outdoor lovers and new families. With friendly people and great food, Hawaii is the ideal spot to move to when you want to escape the dull winter months you find in the typical American mainland.

But where should you move when you decide to relocate to Hawaii? There's a new residential development in Hawaii that is ideal! Let’s check out some more details about this new development and why it would be the perfect location for your next move.
Moving to Hawaii? Check out Kalaeloa by Gentry!

If you want to move to the peaceful and beautiful state of Hawaii, check out the new development in West Oahu. A developer is now in the works of building over 400 homes in West Oahu on Franklin D. Roosevelt Avenue, which is now a part of the master-planned development.

Oahu is an area in Hawaii that is the third-largest of the islands and home to around one million people - almost 75% of the Hawaiian population lives on this beautiful and popular island! The state capital, Honolulu, is on Oahu’s coast. As you can see, moving to this small island is one of the best options when you are thinking of relocating to one of the major Hawaiian islands.

For new families looking to move to Oahu, the Kalaeloa by Gentry development features 250 multi-family units and 130 single-family homes, giving you the flexibility to choose between what type of home works best for your family and your family size. Although the homes won’t be fully able to move in until next year, this development is crucial in the process of easing the ever-growing housing crisis in Hawaii.

In the past few years, there has been an extensive housing shortage in West Oahu. Fortunately, the first homes will be available to move in beginning in 2023, helping ease the astronomical housing prices that were inflated during the pre-pandemic period.

To avoid spending millions on a home that is not worth the price, Kalaeloa by Gentry is providing hundreds of homes for families and young professionals. In addition to the new development, Gentry has also been successful in building over 14,000 homes around the entire state of Hawaii to help ease the housing concerns.

To put your mind at ease when it comes to buying a new home, you can rest assured Kalaeloa by Gentry will take care of your housing issues. You can find a well-priced home that is big enough for you and your family in one of the best islands!

When browsing accommodation for you and your family, you can begin looking at the new development in one of the most populated and popular Hawaiian Islands - Oahu. Look at Kalaeloa by Gentry to find a home that is suitable for your family, browsing between multi-family and single-family homes in the 400-house neighborhood.