Would you like to improve your skills in interior design? Home Design Institute is offering a free course that will help! The course, "Interior Design," is designed for beginners and teaches the basics of home decorating. You'll learn about colour theory, layout planning, furniture arrangement, and much more. This article talks about how you can take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your skills in interior design with the Interior Design Fundamentals course offered by Home Design Institute!

Home Design Institute is a fast-growing company with 8 educational brands that have held different training sessions in various programs in Eastern and Western Europe since 2014. They are focused on the development of education of desired trends and fields, such as Interior Design, Landscape Design, Marketing and Accounting, understanding Digital programs and artificial intellect, Photography and Photoshop, and much more.

Currently, the HDI team is working on designing the most effective course in Interior design that will make you satisfied with the results and in need of a long-term education.

Such free online became quite popular and trending in the last few years, especially after the waves of Pandemic and insecurity of life; so many people like being engaged in distance learning, as they can access all materials online, without spending money on expensive transportation and time to move to a faraway place for a course. What is a more appealing option in such times, than to enrol in such a course, while being able to plan your future career?

Some great advantages of the upcoming course “Interior Design Fundamentals” makes it the perfect place to start, if you want to know more about Interior design and you are still unsure whether it fits your personality.

In this course, you will be able to study without leaving your home, from any part of the world (it's great that all lectures are taught in English!). All lectures are in real-time, and the online platform used for them is the trendy ZOOM.

The professional instructors of this course have extensive experience as Interior Designers and will support the student's progress step by step; they are here to answer all their questions.

Being able to create your own schedule, if you can`t attend a lecture online, you can still access it through video records and PDF materials posted after each class online on the official page of Home 

Design Institute.

You will dive into the wonderful world of Interior design, through multiple appealing topics like the following:
Important aspects of the history of Interior and Furniture
Observation on new trends and techniques in the modern Interior design
Basics of technical drawings and skills for reading them
Introduction to basic materials in Interior design and how to use them
Colour art and science, techniques and how to combine colours

The composition as art and science

In a short period of time, around 2 weeks – each student can acquire more knowledge and designer skill, just enough to decide his own career path.

The students who really want to work on their professional portfolio will be given the chance to take an exam test with 15 closed questions at the end of the course. After the test completion, they can obtain a professional Certificate, needed for any professional designer.

These live lectures start in the evening time – 19:00 CET twice a week, which gives the student time to read them and be prepared for the next lessons. For those who want to continue in a more professional direction and have the Certificate, they are invited to take an exam-test with closed questions, based on the covered topics in the course.

All lectures are well organized and can give you important insight into many aspects of Interior Design, they will be beneficial for you, especially if you are a beginner.

As an Interior designer, you need to have certain skills like artistic approach, creativity, thinking out of the box, organization, and communication skills, as you need to connect with your clients and discuss their personal vision on interior design. That’s why this free course will be a springboard for you, to better understand your own personality traits and what things you need to improve, in order to become the perfect Interior designer and enhance your future career.