Family Lawyer
Cases that are resolved in family courts are often handled by family lawyers. In more technical terms, family lawyers specialize in resolving cases that involve domestic relationships such as those between spouses, parents and children, and siblings. In family law, there are niches like divorce law, adoption law, etc. Some lawyers choose to specialize in these niches. On the other hand, some family lawyers take up a broad range of cases that fall under family law. It’s up to you whether you want to go with a lawyer who specializes in a particular niche or not. More often than not, these lawyers charge more. For instance, if you’re looking for family lawyers Gold Coast, you’ll find that lawyers who specialize in niches will charge 20-25% more than general practitioners.

Cases That a Family Lawyer Handles

A family lawyer can handle a wide range of cases. As mentioned before, they often take up cases that involve domestic relationships. Here are some cases that a family lawyer normally takes up.

1: Divorce Cases:

Divorce cases are the bread and butter of family lawyers. Going through a divorce can be a traumatizing experience for both sides. If there are some disagreements among the couple and the divorce is not amicable, things get even messier. That’s where a divorce lawyer comes in handy. When both parties are represented by different attorneys or even a single attorney, the process of a divorce settlement can become a lot smoother. Moreover, as family lawyers who handle divorce cases have tons of experience, they know how to guide both individuals throughout the process, even on a personal level. Divorce cases can have a lot of legal aspects that can only be settled with the help of attorneys. These might include division of property, alimony, and custody of children.

2: Child Abuse:

Cases involving child abuse are very sensitive in nature, especially if the alleged abuser is a family member. In such cases, the matter is handled in family courts. Child abuse cases are well documented, and only a select few attorneys handle them due to their sensitive nature.

3: Property Settlement:

Property settlement cases can arise in cases of inheritance or divorce. In such cases, both parties may be represented by different attorneys. For instance, a couple might split up and have to divide a co-owned property. This calls for property settlement lawyers, who work within the realm of family law, who can get both parties their fair share. If there is a dispute in property settlement cases, hiring a family lawyer who can get you your fair share of the property is recommended.

4: Adoption:

Adoption cases also fall under the category of family law. These days, the process of adoption is quite tedious due to all the legal hurdles. Of course, one can go through the process by themselves and successfully adopt a child. However, it is considered better to go with an attorney who can greatly speed up the process and increase the chances of a successful adoption. It is often the dream of childless parents to adopt a child and care for them. A decent family lawyer can make that dream come true in no time.

5: Child Custody:

Child custody cases often arise after a messy divorce or the death of a child’s parents. These cases decide who will get custody of the child. Various factors such as the psychological condition of both parents, their income, the context of the case, and the child’s requirements determine who gets custody of the child.

How Much Does a Family Lawyer Cost?

The cost of a family lawyer depends upon a variety of factors. For instance, if you’re going with a family lawyer who specializes in a certain niche, you will end up spending more. Apart from that, the cost of a lawyer also depends upon their reputation, experience, and winning rate. The average fee of a family lawyer is around $250 per hour. However, a lawyer can also charge you based on the case. You might also have to deposit a retainer fee upfront. 

As the case progresses, the lawyer will deduct the money from that retainer amount. There might also be a consultation fee when you first bring your case to a particular attorney. However, many lawyers and firms offer free consultations. The fee of a family lawyer also depends upon the kind of representation that is sought. If you want limited representation wherein the lawyer has to handle only certain aspects of a case, the fee might be quite low. On the other hand, a full representation wherein the lawyer will handle all the aspects of a case will cost you more.