Enhanced eyelashes have now become more than a fashion trend. Not only celebrities and influencers but also people from all walks of life are going for false eyelashes to make their lashes appear fuller. While false eyelashes are all the rage today, there has been increased interest in getting eyelash extensions. Why it is so and why eyelash extensions in Dubai are gaining popularity today are questions about to be answered.

Here is everything you need to know about Eyelash Extensions.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent alternatives to artificial lashes. Unlike false eyelashes, which you can apply yourself for a few hours or an entire day, eyelash extensions are used by professionals. A lash artist or stylist attaches false lashes with cyanoacrylate adhesive to your natural lashes.

The classic eyelash extension, unlike false lashes, never makes contact with the skin of the eyelids. They are attached 1-2 mm above the base of the natural lash. Because they are connected to your natural lashes individually, they give a realistic effect to your eyes, making your lash line look full, forgoing the need to put on mascara.

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

After reading how they are put on your natural lashes, the follow-up question is whether this procedure is safe. There is a simple answer to this question. It all depends on how well-experienced your technician is. Some common issues include using too much adhesive or attaching a single artificial lash to multiple natural lashes. Both of these could cause breakage and clumping.

A little research about your technician can help you in the long run. If you book with someone experienced, like an aesthetician at Dashe Beauty, you will receive a tailored and safe experience with quality products. Look up customer reviews and, if possible, at photos of the work they have done.

Another issue can be irritation caused by the adhesive used during the process. Adhesives with formaldehyde can trigger an allergic reaction, so ensure the adhesive is formaldehyde-free. During the procedure, your lower lashes are held down by medical-grade tape or gel patches. However, for people with sensitive skin, the hyaluronic acid and collagen in the gel patches and the adhesive have been known to cause irritation.

Eyelash extensions typically last 6-8 weeks, the average lifespan of your natural lashes. If you take good care of your eyelash extensions, you can prevent premature falling of your eyelashes. Some technicians recommend you have a lash touch-up appointment every 3 weeks so that they can fill in any gaps that have been created. If you are committed to having full lashes at all times, you do not have to wait for 6 weeks to pass before booking another lash extension appointment.

Do Eyelash Extensions Cost Too Much?

Typically, the pricing of an eyelash extension procedure depends on the experience of your lash stylist and the area where the salon is located. The procedure cost can fall between $150 to $350 for a complete set of lash extensions. If you are considering getting touch-ups every 2-3 weeks, they are priced somewhere between $75 to $100.

The complete set comprises 80-150 lash extensions, and there is also an option to go for a half-set if you want a more subtle look. It will cut the time taken for the process, and the price will also be reduced. The cost also depends on the kind of eyelash material you want.

What are The Different Types of Eyelash Extensions?

There are many choices when searching for suitable material for your eyelash extensions. The extensions you choose are necessary because the texture determines how natural they look. Eyelash extensions are mainly of two types: animal fur and man-made. Synthetic eyelashes are another option, but they are seldom chosen because of their artificial appearance.

Animal Fur

These include lashes made from mink, sable, or fox fur. Mink and sable are lightweight and feathery and are popular choices. Fox fur is less popular and demands more upkeep than the former. Animal fur is popular because it resembles the feel of human lashes. However, animal fur can cause allergies in some people, and the issue of animal cruelty also makes people hesitant to go with animal fur lashes.

Man-Made Lashes

Man-made lashes are picked by people who want to go for a less pricey version of animal fur lashes. Faux-mink and faux-fox lashes are chosen because they resemble their authentic counterparts and free the wearer from the ethical concerns involved. Silk lashes are another option, but since they are slightly heavier than faux-animal fur lashes, they are best suited for special occasions and not daily wear.

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions?

Since you have decided to put time and money into getting eyelash extensions, you probably wouldn’t want to remove them prematurely. But if you do, do not make the mistake of doing the deed yourself. As the false lashes are attached to your natural ones, you risk diminishing your natural lash line.

Book an appointment with an expert if you want to get your extensions removed. Or you can wait for the typical 6-8 week period, after which they would naturally fall off without any inconvenience.


Eyelash extensions are nothing to be afraid of if you are aware of and avoid possible mistakes. Extending your eyelashes is a customizable procedure to add to your natural beauty and will not hurt. Make sure you choose the suitable material for the false lashes and note the type of adhesive used. A little research into your technician’s experience would not hurt either. Once you are through with it, all that remains is taking care of your new lashes and flaunting them.