The signs of a well-designed couch or sofa are, it offers comfort and satisfaction in terms of the design. It can instantly take the style of a room up a few notches. All living rooms need a focal point that ties in the decor together. In most Australian homes, this item is a sofa.

It occupies a prime position and seats all the people in a room, which is why it is an indispensable element. But how does one select the right sofa? Read on to find the checklist for couch-buying.

The checklist: Does it have the following qualities?

Is it to scale?

There is a range of sizes to choose from, and one should pick based on the size of the room it will be kept in. The right one does not obstruct foot traffic and fits appropriately in a space.

Does it have a practical design?

Sofas are not all about just looking beautiful. Their primary purpose is to offer comfortable seating. So check to see if the aesthetics compromise on comfort. Design and comfort are not mutually exclusive. The ideal sofa intertwines both these factors seamlessly.

Is it easy to maintain?

Some designs make it hard to use and clean. The fabric plays a vital role in determining how easy it is to keep them in a pristine condition. Light colours also make dust seem more visible. Consider the following questions, are the stains easy to clean? Is it vacuum-friendly?

Is it durable?

Like any sizable investment, the sofa is a major purchase, and therefore should be worth it for the long run. Besides the looks, keep in mind how long it will last. Investing in quality saves costs in the long run, as said in the “Boots theory.” Buying one couch that will last for five years is a better investment than buying a cheaper one that the owner will have to replace after a year.

Styles in Trend:

1. Leather

This one has and will always be the ruling champion. It beautifully combines class, comfort, and quality. And if one doesn’t condone using animal leather, there is always the faux leather option. Brown, Tan, grey, and black remain the most iconic options in terms of colour. They are highly durable and easy to take care of by the owners.

2. Sectional/ Quadrants

They are clean, contemporary, and have a no-nonsense seating solution. It has separate sections, which is why the name. One can arrange them in different orientations to change up the look occasionally. It imparts a sense of minimalism, and if one does not prefer that, throw in some cushions to lighten the look.

A quadrant ottoman is a prudent purchase as it is mobile and can seat anyone anywhere. These kinds look best when paired with plain upholstery.

3. Mid Century couch:

Although the name seems dated, it is still in trend. It has a retro look to spruce up any room. The low-rung seating and tufted backs offer comfort. Its distinctive legs stand out attractively. The colours it is available in usually are solid since it is a straightforward item.

4. Chesterfield sofa:

These are most extravagant and elegant and are understandably pricey too. The high-armed, contoured-back, and ample seating are all attractive features that make this piece special. The tufted back also stands on spindle legs. They look great with a wood finish and any kind of fabric.

Sipping on a cup of soy latte, book in hand, sitting comfortably on a sofa is one of the few things people strive for in life. So make it worth it and invest enough in quality.