Radiation is power flowing throughout space. It can ionize atoms and molecules by destroying the chemical links among them. Its risk is that it can obstruct chemical links inside the cells of existing bodies.

The expression "get a portion of radiation" while taking part in Chernobyl tours seems alarming, but it is essential to have knowledge of it in general. Good to be informed that some levels of radioactivity, that is, background radiation, are completely consistent and happen everywhere on the planet. The most meaningful origin of background radiation is a radioactive gas, radon, which innately arises out of the earth, and we inhale it with our breath.

The regulated limit of natural and artificial radiation in Chernobyl tours

The global score for all background radiation roots is about 8 Bq per day. Through a 12-hour tour, your dosimeter will display 3-4 Bq - a completely safe dosage of radiation equal to Chernobyl tours safe destination circumstances.

There are many regions on the planet where the radioactivity level is extremely more powerful than in Chernobyl. Guarapari Beach in Brazil is between those of the history handled in some areas, radiation levels surpass modern levels in Chernobyl by many times.

In extension to the natural origins of background radiation, there are also many unnatural ones to which we are normally displayed. These are numerous medical methods (X-Ray)), smoking - cigarette smog holds a notable measure of dangerous polonium-210. While flying at big heights, people are also revealed to cosmic radiation, which is normally produced by the atmosphere.

What is a safe radiation dose?

After so many years, it's more harmless than before. For a significant period of work, the company has realized the most guarded programs in areas where the radiation level is above the low stable. The Chernobyl tours group, moving close to them for a tiny interval of time. It’s easy to manage to observe all the most related and exciting spots.

On some trips, it is great even to enter the centre of the power plant. The dose of radiation received in a day’s tours to Chernobyl is similar to:
  • the natural radiation throughout or several hours of fly on the aircraft;
  • this measure is 300 times weaker than a full-body X-ray check in a hospital;
  • the 3 hours walk in Kyiv centre;

While touring the Chernobyl isolation zone, you should desist radioactive dirt, which in tiny invisible measures can be present on dresses and footwear. Consequently, tour companies advise that everyone removes and cleans all things completely after coming back from Chernobyl tours from Kiev.

Safe tours from TRIPS TO CHERNOBYL are an opportunity to immerse yourself in those tragic events that happened 35 years ago. Experienced guides will tell and show you all the interesting places in the ghost town of Pripyat. They will reveal all the secrets and details of the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Everyone can take their own photos for their family album.

This is a unique excursion that will give you a lot of emotions.