When you go for astrology services, sometimes, it becomes hard to identify that based on what sign your predictions are done. In such cases, enters the ascendant sign, which makes it easy to acknowledge predictions done the astrologer is making.

Irrespective of what your moon or sun sign is, you may differ a lot in your personality because your ascendant sign or the rising sign would be different.

What is Ascendant?

Ascendant or Lagna is neither a celestial object nor a planet. It is the zodiac sign that was there, exactly when you were born. That is why it is known as the rising star or rising sign. It is determined using your birth time and geographical latitude, and longitude.

Ascendant qualities don’t end here. It explains why two people have the same sun sign but differ to extremes in their nature and character. It happens because, throughout the twenty-four hours, the Lagna runs uninterruptedly throughout the entire zodiac cycle, creating a difference between the traits of every folk.

Whether you pick up on free online astrology consultation or you for a paid one, the astrologer would demand your exact time and place of birth to prepare your chart. It is because, with every four minutes, the Lagna shifts itself a degree more, and this could make your rising sign change.

Effects of Ascendant Sign

Lagna will show you in your highest and purest form. It is like a monocle of your personality via which others will see you. Not just this, the ascendant behaves as a cover you own to relish in the fa├žade of living, to greet people. Not only it personifies your reactions towards scenarios, but it also tells you how you shall do in general in different aspects of life.

How does the ascendant sign differ from the sun or moon sign?

The sun sign you possess depicts uniformity. It is the crux that you excel out amongst the people around you. Your sun sign would provide you with an answer to the query “I am” and how you express your distinctiveness and how you confront life. Not only it shows the kind of spirit that you require to feel to fortify, but it also helps you understand your self-assertion tendencies.

Your moon sign could be a synonym to your soul sign and show who you are from inside. In other words, it reveals your subconscious side that you usually hide and is the propelling force behind your sentimental reactions. It is your moon sign that assists you to encounter pain and pleasure, sadness and happiness, and provides you with an insight into what manner you restore and nurture your inner self.

As for the ascendant sign, it illustrates your social persona. Your rising sign is generally used by Vedic astrologers while preparing your chart. It is how you meet people and how you behave around them. It allies to the zodiac present on the horizon of the East direction at the time of your birth. Be it your physical appearance or outward style, the Ascendant sign is the answer to all.

To sum up, most of the websites that provide you with paid or free kundali analysis use your ascendant sign to make predictions. It is because your Lagna or rising sign is the avatar of both your outer and inner world and defines the most precise energy that you share with the world physically, emotionally, and socially.