If you're planning to escape the heat and head into the great outdoors, here are some essentials you need to take with you on your next UTV adventure! First, of course, you must have some protective gear to ensure you're coming back safe, sound, and happy!

1. Helmet

When riding any open vehicle, be it a scooter, bike, UTV, or horse (for that matter), you need to wear a helmet. It is because your head contains the most important part of you, your brain, and you must protect it from impact. Besides, helmets protect the face from scratches and bruises, too, if there is an accident. And if you go on an adventure in nature, you will need to protect your face and head from branches and occasional rocks you or the people you travel with might kick up. There's no question about it; you're not going anywhere without a good helmet.

For UTV rides and other off-road adventures, it is best to get a certified helmet with a DOT or Snell sticker on it. Certified helmets can prove expensive sometimes, but they are worth every cent. In any UTV snafu, you need to protect your head and neck by all means.

2. Thick, anti-scratch clothes

On-road or off-road, you can always catch a bit of bad luck and fall. When that happens, you will be grateful for your scratch-proof clothes that prevent road rash and nasty cuts. Because of the heat, you might be tempted to swap them out for shorts and a T-shirt, but you can find some cool summer-fit motorbike and motorsport jackets that will both protect you and keep you from overheating. A nasty scratch or a dirty patch of road rash can very quickly end your adventure time, so you should wear protective gear just in case!

3. First aid kit

You should be safe from any major injuries with the proper protective gear, but a few cuts and bruises still need attention. Besides, you might need to know how to immobilize a broken limb or a sprained joint, so you should always carry a first aid kit with you. You can find ready-made ones available to buy, or you can build your own, thinking about what you will do and what the injuries might be. For example, for a UTV adventure, bruise cream, tweezers, and betadine are must-haves, but regular kits rarely have them.

4. Survival pack

If falls, cuts, and bruises are an almost daily occurrence when on an adventure, and you can treat those on the go, there might be situations that will need you to stay put and wait for help. So you should carry a basic survival kit with you as well, including a tarp and a survival foil, a small knife, a radio, a whistle, and a gun flare. Calling for help and being able to signal where you are when help arrives is essential, so head over to the racing products section to find the best choices of radios you can take with you. Radios are a great addition to any UTV adventure when you ride with your family and friends because you can keep in touch at all times and come to each others' help in case something happens.

5. Gloves and goggles

Accessories are also important to take with you, and both gloves and goggles are both about safety and comfort. At speed, the smallest grain of dust and sand can chafe, and if you're in nature, there will be plenty of those flying around in your face and eyes. So wear a pair of goggles, preferably UV protective ones, to keep your eyes safe and at their best performance. The same goes for gloves. While they might seem a fad, or an unnecessary accessory, after hours of driving, your hands will be grateful for the protection against wind and dust. They also protect your hands in case of accidents and falls, so take a pair with you!

6. Heavy clothes

Part of survival is also keeping warm, but packing heavy clothes is also about keeping yourself comfortable in the evenings or after rain. As much as the weather forecast says it will be warm, you still need to take something like a pair of jeans and a hoodie with you, just in case. We know you have limited space, which is why we only say you must have the most basic of warm clothes with you. Besides, some shops cater specifically to backpacks with limited space so you can find small and warm clothes at the same time.

Here you are, a complete list of essential items to pack for your next UTV adventure, along with how they are useful and why you should take them with you! It might sound grim, but planning and preparing for the worst will help you feel safe and be safe so that you can enjoy your trip no matter what!