In many cases, looks do matter. You feel happy when you look nice. All people desire to look at their best. Physical attractiveness adds up to your personality as a whole. Those who are lucky to be attractive are in their public entanglements edge over others.

People worldwide are spending millions of dollars to look good. They have a cosmetic operation, frequently attend the beauty clinic and undergo medicinal therapies to enhance their physical look.

It would be unpolitic, if not immature, to give too much emphasis on looks, especially now that we are living in a world where beauty is subjective.

Yet, it may be time to express what we all know covertly that looks do matter as much as we try to compensate with other personal strengths that we have.

In this article, we are here to discuss a couple of reasons why our looks matter. If you are curious to know more, read along until the end of the article.

Effective non-verbal communication

Life takes many things forward, but our non-verbal communication skill is one of our essential components. Our looks are capable of speaking of who we are and how others will perceive us.

We convey a strong non-verbal message with our looks and clothes. Our looks are basically the first non-verbal communication we establish with other people. Without a word, people will know exactly what we want to say on how we project ourselves.

Looking good encourages you to dress up good

In any given situation, you look more balanced and confident when you dress well and feel good.

Did you notice how nicely you handle yourself when you are dressed up? Dressing well helps us to feel good about ourselves. Wear your favourite suit pair, rock those stilettos, do your hair up and apply makeup.

Even when you are just wearing one of the fancy sweaters in bulk paired with comfy sweatpants, if you carry yourself confidently, you would look amazing!

Dressing up has just that influence that you desire to take the world into your hands. They don't happen immediately overnight, but you will look exceptional if you are consistent and create a powerful picture of who you have inside out.

More opportunities

There are some clothing combinations which we may contribute to our picture. This is particularly important for someone who just enters a job or starts a company.

Looks matter when you are trying to impress people. During a job interview, you want to look best and leave a positive impression on your employer. The way you look is the first thing they see, so you might want to leave a mark on them.

Good looks get positive recognition

People will also analyze whether they regard you less, equal, or higher during every encounter.

If you look good, you immediately become one of those individuals who simply deserve recognition from others without even trying. Managing your image, body movements, and communication abilities contain some methods of commands respect.

When you are dressed well and look good, people look at your approval instantly. They will decide whether you are trustworthy, honest, and offer quality, depending on the way you look.

Strong personality image

Your good reputation and self-perception will lead to whatever you accomplish when you have a powerful brand identity.

The image you present in public is a personal brand. Therefore, it is important to project yourself confidently and stand out as this will be remembered by the people around you. Carrying ourselves well in front of other people leaves an impact or an impression on them.

Our appearance and looks play an important role in creating a strong brand image. When we appear and radiate leadership characteristics, others are more inclined to notice us.

People judge our abilities based on how we look

The more pleasant you look, the more people will trust what you are capable of. The way you carry yourself is important to earn people's trust. Be confident without being smug.

People who look good are more likely to get a promotion because Good-looking people are perceived as charismatic and skilled.

While we do not rule out the importance of having profound skills, good looks are the first ones that people notice. Good looks are subjective, but it is always important to be at our best at all times.

People who take good care of their looks carry themselves better than those who don’t.


There are undeniable advantages of looking good.

Yes, unjust treatment based on our physical appearance is wrong, but sometimes, we need to look our best. Appealing individuals are usually considered "better" based on the notion of being more sensitive, physically receptive, intriguing, and sociable.

We hope we were able to justify valid reasons why looks do matter. Besides, looking good is how we carry ourselves, the way we portray ourselves to other people.