With COVID-19 and Remote Working cultures pushing organizations to adapt to new models of working, one aspect that is garnering attention is health!

There have been several reports of how increased stress is leading employees towards mental stress and health complications. Not being able to move around is creating a lethargic workforce that is eating into a company’s productivity and efficiency

Given that the pandemic is going to stay with us for a very long time, issues on health (physical and mental) are coming to the fore. In this article, we are going to look at why businesses need to encourage their employees to work out and do regular exercises. 

If you are a business organization that is struggling with dips in the performance levels of your employees, you should read this article till the end. 

List of 5 Reasons Businesses should encourage their employees to workout

1. Lower Burdens of Healthcare Costs of the Employees- 

Fit employees mean that they are less likely to fall ill. This means that in terms of the insurance money and payouts, your business will not suffer from higher medical and health costs. This can be a major cost-saving area for a business that operates with a huge workforce. Given that the virus affects people who are unfit more, prioritizing health can be a major issue. 

2. Reduces the days lost due to Absenteeism in a Company- 

Different forms of absenteeism can affect a company adversely. You might think that it entails employees calling in sick. However, it can also mean an employee that is physically present but mentally absent. Working out creates sharper employees that are engaged, intelligent, and can partake in critical innovation. This is important for a company. 

3. Betters the Retention Rate of Employees- 

Your competitors can always offer a higher pay scale and designation and attract your best talents. While these things matter for employees, what matters more is how well their present company is taking care of them. Offering memberships, helping out with discounts on equipment, etc. can help show that the company cares for its employees. This helps retention. 

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4. Boosts Productivity, Efficiency, and Motivation Levels- 

Remote working has in many ways dulled the entire working culture and atmosphere. We are not pushing hard or innovating enough. This is why leading businesses have suggested their employees work out regularly. Exercising helps in releasing hormones that have a direct effect in heightening productivity, efficiency, and innovative thinking. 

5. Gets the Team Closer and Promotes Coordination- 

Given that doing something as a group is a top priority of all businesses, in this regard as well, it can become a major driver. Promoting team-wise health and fitness can bring the team together, improve coordination between the employees and lead the development of camaraderie. This can go a long way towards boosting overall productivity. 

The Positive Effect of Exercises on Employee’s Mental Health

There is a lot of uncertainty given the conditions we are living in. Many of us have suffered the loss of a dear one because of the pandemic. Reduced salaries, increased pressure, and other uncertainties can definitely play a role in mental health. 

Studies have shown how working out can help in improving the mental health of employees. It can lead to reduced levels of stress, better ability to handle pressure, and prevent them from getting depressed. A healthy workforce is an asset for any business. 

Given the challenging nature of our times, having a dedicated and productive workforce can help steer a business during these tough times. In all, positive work culture can be created where employees are motivated and enthused all the time. 

The Bottom Line

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking of expenditures in this area as costs. However, the reality is that they are investments that you are making to better your business organization. If you have any more questions or doubts that you need clarifications to, let us know in the comments section below. We will be happy to help and guide you in his regard.