Sneakers are perfect for any outfit. You can pull off a stylish sneaker with most of the dress items you wear. Women’s sneakers in Australia are always a trending item of footwear. It is as popular as men’s sneakers. But women can mix and match the sneakers with their pants, joggers, dresses and whatnot. A typical Australian dress is always practical or casual. In most of the cities like Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, etc., being in coastal areas, and the history of extreme weather conditions, the clothing is always practical and functional. The cities will see snowfall in the winter and extreme humidity otherwise. The heat reaches its peak during summer in Australia.

Sneakers are the ultimate combination of fashion and comfort. Whether it has a classic or modern touch of style, sneakers are always in trend. Let it be a casual outing, a date, or just an evening walk; you can never go wrong with a pair of sneakers. Whatever you are wearing, a sneaker can always add a stylish touch to it.

You can style your sneakers with the following clothing items:

1. Pairing Sneakers With Cuffed Jeans

Can anything look more fabulous than a pair of white sneakers with cuffed light blue jeans and a white top? This outfit is so versatile that you can wear it for any casual occasion during the daytime.

2. Team the Sneakers With a Midi Dress

Sneakers with a black midi dress is an excellent choice for a casual occasion. A statement bag and large sunnies will complete the look. Adding a floppy hat is not at all bad for the look.

3. Sneakers With Leather Pants

Nothing looks more chic & stylish than pairing leather pants and a coat with a fresh pair of white sneakers.

4. Pair It With a Denim Skirt and a Vintage Tee

It is the ultimate casual-chic look, a denim skirt/shorts and a vintage tee paired with black sneakers with white lace.

5. Add Sneakers to a Sundress or Long Dress

Dress up with a sundress or dress down with a sleek maxi with a pair of kicks.

6. Be Bold and Amp up a Matching Tracksuit With Cool Kicks

If you like looking comfortable and cool simultaneously, a co-ord tracksuit and a pair of white sneakers are great combos. If you follow Gigi Hadid, you know!

7. Sneakers With Double Denim

Go out and embrace the season’s latest trend by rocking double denim with white kicks.

8. White Sneakers With an All-White Outfit

Like you can wear an all-black outfit, wearing an all-white outfit is in trend right now. The all-white look gives a sophisticated and sleek look.

9. Work It Out With Culottes

Highlight your kicks with a polished pair of culottes.

10. Pair With Shorts

Try an off-duty uniform: denim shorts, white tee, leather jacket and finally a pair of black or white sneakers. Both colours will fit perfectly with this outfit.

11. Contrast Styling With Office-Friendly Pieces

Try a sophisticated spin by styling your kicks with structured office-friendly pieces. For example, oversized blazers and cigarette trousers are a perfect match.

12. Activewear and Sneakers

Well, last but not least, sneakers with your gym gear is an ultimate sports luxe get up.

You can try these styles with your sneakers, but remember that the colour of your sneaker is essential when styling with different dresses. A white sneaker always matches almost all types of colours. So, be sure to have a pair of white ones on your purchase list.

Some clothes will highlight your sneakers, and the sneakers can highlight some regular clothes. Women’s sneakers in Australia are a fashion statement. So, hit the shop, get a pair of sneakers this fall, and keep the mix and match going.

About The Author: Sanath Pollemore