In the post-pandemic chaos that took over event management and planning of social gatherings, the prospect of an outdoor wedding is more than appealing for many future spouses. Not to mention the guests! We are all more than eager to reconnect with nature and fresh air after spending so many months in our small apartments and this is why garden parties are a huge trend for the following years.

Here are 10 tips for hosting the perfect garden wedding if you are planning to tie the knot soon:

1. Use minimalistic props

Take advantage of the natural landscape and opt for wooden chairs or sofas for your friends. A gorgeous green garden doesn't need much to look stunning, so you don’t have to over-invest inexpensive setups.

2. Choose a neutral setup!

If you want your guests to feel at the center of attention, make a conscious choice of renting a venue with little decorations that you can personalize according to your style. You can keep it down with pastel/neutral accents so that the outfits, flowers, and food will create a popping effect against the natural background.

3. Make sure to bring lights!

Once the sun sets, your guests will need extra light to see the surroundings and prevent any accidents from happening in the dark.

4. Be prepared in case of bad weather!

The prospect of a garden party in the middle of the urban jungle is charming, but one detail that discourages many couples from choosing this location is the lousy weather. Remember that you will need some sort of umbrella or a classic wedding tent to offer shelter against raindrops. In case an unexpected storm takes place and makes you cancel the event, there are services like Eventsured that will cover your financial loss.

5. Mind Unwelcome Intruders

If the location is too isolated, you can discover that some bugs or flies will spoil your perfect setup. This is why you should find a solution for this type of intruder before the day of the event, and you can request that your setup be free of any unwelcome attendees.

6. Create a Paved Island

You must offer a proper dancing floor if you also want a mini-party. Some companies specialize in providing a typical wooden or plastic coverage that will allow participants to stomp and jump on the music rhythm. Think of an island where guests would fit and dance without ruining their shoes. Your efforts will be much appreciated.

7. Choose Permanent Flowers

Direct exposure of floral arrangements under the sun's rays might cause them to die down faster than usual, so you need to ensure they will resist for as long as possible. Use flowers that are in the blooming season or synthetic garlands.

8. Mini-bar and Candy Bar

When serving food and beverages, you must remember that natural ingredients might get spoiled. Hence, you need a mini-refrigerator or ice buckets for a perfect serving temperature. Or, if your budget allows it, you can have a cocktail station rented and a couple of professional bartenders preparing fresh drinks for everyone.

9. Photo Booth

Although we all have performant cameras on our smartphones these days, you can take advantage of the natural sunlight that will abound at your wedding and go for a classic photo corner decorated as naturally and romantic as possible so that every guest can take home a small memory in a splendid garden location.

10. Think of Small Outdoor Activities

If you have a family with kids as guests, plan some small outdoor activities that could involve all of them. Whether you have a swing installed or bring some kites, all sorts of accessories give people a chance to do something fun between the wedding ceremony and the actual party. Keeping your guests entertained is the key to a successful reunion. And who knows, some of them will discover a new hobby thanks to your event proposals.

Final thought

Unlike indoor parties, a garden wedding can have many challenges and surprises, making planning harder. You can go right if you take caution and consider every little detail. Get ready to enjoy your own version of A Midsummer Night's Dream.