The opportunity to indulge in lots of new food and beverage options is one of the most fun things to look forward to on vacation. When you travel to Mexico, you'll have lots of options to choose from that go beyond what you'll find in your local Latin restaurant. Here are ten food and drink selections you'll want to make sure you get a taste of while you're there.

1. Braised Pork

Carnitas are made by braising pork in oil and lard until it is lusciously tender. Cooking for a period of three to four hours, the meat becomes very juicy and delicious. Traditionally it is served on a tortilla with refried beans and topped with cilantro, onions, salsa and guacamole.

2. Michelada

For a savoury drink that will satisfy your Bloody Mary craving, try a Michelada. Mixing beer, tomato juice, lime, salt, chilli, soy sauce and Worcestershire, it is served in a salt-rimmed glass. Despite the multitude of ingredients, it is surprisingly refreshing and makes a good pre-dinner drink.

3. Chilaquiles

Similar to nachos, this popular dish utilizes tortillas soaked in either red or green chile sauce. They are then topped with onions and cotija cheese. The chips take on a different texture from the sauce without becoming soggy.

4. Pozole

One of Mexico's most ancient recipes, pozole is a Hispanic soup that comes in chicken, pork or vegetable versions. Stewed for many hours, it is made from hominy corn with delicious herbs and spices added. Topped with lime, chilli, lettuce, radish and onion, it becomes a hearty, filling stew.

5. Mole

A popular traditional sauce in Mexican cooking, there are a variety of ways to make mole. Starting with a base of chiles, it is simmered and stirred for a lengthy period of time to develop the rich flavours you'll crave long after you've eaten it. It is typically used as a topping for enchiladas or burritos but can be put over the top of almost any savoury dish.

6. Paloma

When you're in the mood for a refreshing beverage, a Paloma will really hit the spot. Tequila is mixed with grapefruit soda or juice and then a splash of lime is added before pouring it over ice. It is the perfect cool drink to soothe your taste buds while you sample spicy dishes.

7. Elote

A trip to Mexico cannot be complete without sampling some tasty Elote. This delicious street corn can be found almost anywhere you go and comes either on the cob and mounted on a stick, or in a dish. The boiled corn is slathered in mayonnaise, sour cream, butter, cheese, salt, lime and chilli powder to create a delicious treat.

8. Horchata

This rice and cinnamon libation is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth. It brings a satisfying creamy texture that delivers a sugary flavour you won't forget. Great for cooling your mouth during a spicy meal, or to dip sweet pastries into, you'll find plenty of ways to enjoy it on your trip.

9. Tamales

The perfect portable snack, tamales can come with a variety of different fillings, either sweet or savoury. A corn dough is stuffed with filling, ranging from meat and cheese to fruit or veggies. Then it is wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves to be steamed until hot. Simply remove it from the wrapping and you're ready to enjoy.

10. Agua Fresca

The ultimate refreshing drink on a hot summer trek through Mexico is Agua Fresca. Blending ice-cold water with fruit, a bit of sugar and a splash of lime, this beverage will cool you down while providing delicious flavour. It typically comes in a variety of flavour options like watermelon, strawberry, hibiscus or tamarind to satisfy whatever your taste is.

Enhance your vacation by introducing your taste buds to some new and exciting flavours. Be sure to try these great foods and drinks during your next Mexico trip to take it to the next level.