To save money and enjoy your t-shirts longer, you should not only protect them from stains or tears but also make sure you're washing them properly.

While laundry time might seem pretty straightforward, it can damage your clothes or even ruin them when done without care or knowing the basics.

If you ever wondered why your favourite red tee now looks barely pink or why the seams are falling apart, it's very likely because you're washing your tees wrongly.

But don't worry, while there are a few rules to abide by, t-shirt laundry is not rocket science and the mistakes are easily fixable.

Here are 7 laundry mistakes to avoid when washing your t-shirts.

T-shirt care basics

It's not only doing laundry properly that can help you extend the lifespan of your t-shirts, so before we get into the nitty-gritty of washing, let's take a look at what else you can do to enjoy your tees longer.

  • Keep them away from sunlight
  • Protect them from skincare products
  • Store correctly over winter
  • Keep them away from humidity
Sunlight can fade your t-shirt colours very quickly, so if you're hanging them in an area near a window, you might want to rethink it. If you don't have a closet, make sure you find a dark corner of the room to keep your tees in.

Skincare products like moisturisers, lotions and sunscreen are the enemies of most fabrics. The chemicals will stain your tees, cause discolouration and weaken the fabric, leading to wholes and tears. Wait until all your products are soaked into your skin before dressing up.

If you're putting some of your tees away for the winter, don't just stuff them in a suitcase or a plastic trash bag. Life Storage suggests storing your winter clothing inside sealed plastic totes that will prevent water damage and other mishaps. You can also use special plastic bins that seal tight.

Keeping your t-shirts away from humidity means letting them air out before putting them away into your closet. So next time you're back from work, don't just stuff your tee onto the shelf, but put it on a chair or a hanger to air out. This way, the dampness and odours will evaporate, and your tees will avoid mildew and bacteria.

T-shirt laundry mistakes to avoid

Now that you're familiar with general t-shirt care let's review the most common t-shirt laundry mistakes.

#1 Washing all clothes together. This one's a biggie though it might be surprising to hear that many people will stuff their clothes into the wash without separating them by colour and fabric.

It takes only a minute, but if you sort your laundry out, you will avoid such issues as discolouration, colour changes, piling lint and general wear and tear.

Make sure you never wash your white t-shirts with any other colours and generally avoid laundering your tees with wool, towels or bedding.

#2 Using bleach. Yes, some stains are stubborn, but using bleach is never a choice as it's damaging to the fabric and may turn even a white t-shirt into an unidentifiable grey rag. If you're prone to stains, use gentle stain remover or just learn to live with them!

#3 Washing in too-hot water. This is another common mistake, especially for people who get stains regularly (no shame, we've all been there!). Different types of fabrics behave differently when washed; however, hot water will shrink most fabrics. It also can cause discolouration and make the fabric last shorter.

#4 Using a dryer. Same as hot water, a dryer can damage the fabric and make your t-shirts shrink. While we appreciate that dryers are very convenient if you want your t-shirts to last longer, airdry them on hangers or a drying rack.

#5 Letting stains sit for too long. So you got some ketchup on your tee? Don't wait until you're home to take care of it! Even if you don't have any detergent or stain remover on hand, use regular soap (or just water). The longer the stain sits, the harder will it be to remove it later!

#6 Buying low-quality t-shirts. Yes, following these laundry tips will extend the lifespan of your tees, but if they are of poor quality in the first place, there're only so much you can achieve.

To find more solutions for your t-shirts, including how to soften a t-shirt click here. Take care of your clothes with these simple tips and they will last longer in perfect condition.