The world is now recovering from COVID damages, soon after will see the same which was there pre COVID. This article will talk about something interesting, and you would like to know about it. If you are someone who likes boating and exploring new devices, then this content is for you. The Quintrex Runabouts is something which one would like to have when you’re in the sea. So, if you are going fishing, cruising, Skiing, or diving this will be a one-stop solution. You can enjoy all of this with it.

Quintrex Runabouts are designed like cars and have the layout like the same. It has a huge deck area. If you are boating with your family, then there is nothing to worry about. You can easily and comfortably enjoy boating.

If you have any plans of boating, then this will be a great option to go with. It is a lightweight boat. There are many models of it as per the need of people. It can be bought or can be rented as well.

The Quintrex has always been known for its best services. Let us know the reasons to go with it when it comes to boating. It was established in the year 1945. It was famous in Australia as a favourite boat company that has produced more than 80 models, with utmost quality that people called Quintrex, as a synonym for quality. It has a good range of boats like cabin models, Hornets, Explorer, Bowriders, Runabouts and many more.

Their research and development team has done well and has been awarded for making lightweight Aluminium boats.

The Brisbane Yamaha has been home to Quintrex. They are amongst the largest dealer in Brisbane. They provide services and offers for outboards, having the full range of quintrex, Fiberglass bay sports, and yellowfin plate boats.

The Brisbane Yamaha has a team of excellent professionals who understand the industry standards. They can help in the entire sale to service process making sure that maximum customer satisfaction is achieved. If you are planning to buy or rent the boats, and you are in Brisbane, then you must visit this place. They have huge 2 acres of a boat display area, wherein you get all the range of boats you are looking for.

They have a skilled technical team of any help required concerning the service of boats. They are available just one call away. All you will need to do is call and get the services.

Let’s talk about the variants in the Quintex Runabouts. There are huge many varieties available for the same. One can take as per their budget and need.
  • Price may cost between $ 26k – 27K for a basic model. It has a car-like dashboard and layout. If you are looking for fishing, cruising, etc. then it is a good option to go with.
  • There are many variants which may suit your need and budget.
  • There also boats that can accommodate many people on it. If you are planning to have fishing, cruising, or diving, these will help with all that you need.
You can visit the website, can get the details of their services, and the range of boats they have. What do they offer on the website?

1. Boat details: On the website of Brisbane Yamaha, you can get the details of the boats they have on their display as well, so even if you are not able to visit the place can go with the online chat and book the boats.

2. Bookings: The booking can be done online, without hassle on the website, and the team connects for the further process.

3. Service request: If there is a need for post-sales service, you can always raise with the technical team available there to fix the same.

4. Customer support: If there is any challenge concerning the boat or any service, one can easily connect with the customer support team.

5. Offers: If you are looking for any offer, then you can get the same. They keep posting the offers on their website, which you explore and avail the same.

6. Warranty and service details: Can check the warranty and details related to services they offer from their end, also can check for guarantee details and what all things are covered in the warranty.

You can also check for customer reviews which will help you make the right call for the same.