Many potential medical marijuana patients wonder how and where to get a doctor for a diagnosis. It’s not a walk in the park to qualify as a New York cannabis patient. You'll have to be diagnosed with a qualifying condition before applying for a medical marijuana card. Begin the certification process by speaking to DigiDrs - online medical marijuana doctor in New York.

What Are Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions?

As already noted, potential medical marijuana patients receive medical marijuana once diagnosed with that may be elevated with the plant. These conditions may include;

Parkinson's disease
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Spinal Cord Injury with Spasticity
Chronic pain
Severe nausea
Many conditions qualifying for opioid description

Getting Medical Marijuana Card

The first step towards getting a medical marijuana card is creating an account with and having a private chat with your doctor. Here’s the procedure to follow when applying for your medical marijuana card at

Signing Up

You’ll create a personal account which includes filling a brief confidential questionnaire. Once you’ve completed and submitted it, a doctor will receive it for review.

Speak to the Doctor

You'll schedule a face-to-face meeting with your new doctor through a video chat platform. The doctor will evaluate you to see whether you exhibit signs of qualifying medical conditions during the meeting.

Receive a PDF Certification

You’ll receive certification from your doctor between one and two days after approval that you have a condition qualifying for medical marijuana. The email will also come along with the New York State medical marijuana card application process.

Registration With The New York Department Of Health

The approval from your doctor is not a medical marijuana card. It instead gives you the green light to log onto New York State's registration site. You can access the website and embark on your patient registration process. Provide personal details and the certificate that the doctor emailed you after evaluation. It's a simple procedure that you can fill with ease. However, be careful to enter every detail correctly to prevent instances of your application getting rejected. Here are the conditions that you'll have to fulfil to get your card;

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You must be at least 18 years old or more— minors should have adult caregivers and certification from a relevant practitioner.
  • You must be a legal New York resident with residency ID proof
  • Non-resident individuals may provide evidence that they are in New York for treatment of the condition that has prompted them to seek a medical marijuana card
  • You must have been diagnosed with a qualifying condition
  • The doctor has certified you as a medical marijuana patient

Print the Temporary Card

You’re almost there! Once you’ve completed the registration process and it’s approved, you’ll get a temporary medical marijuana card. The temporary marijuana card shows that your application has been received and approved, and you can use the temporary ID for one month. The good news is that you’re free to use the temporary card to commence your medical marijuana treatment program.

Receive the Permanent ID

Keep on checking your email for a permanent medical marijuana card. The provider will email it to you between three and ten days. Print the card, and you're ready to go.

A temporary card gives you a gateway to buying legal medical marijuana from your chosen dispensary. The thirty-day allowance for using a temporary card allows more time before you get the permanent ID card.

Can I Renew My Registry ID?

Yes, you can renew your medical marijuana ID. Patients receive notifications in advance that they are ready for re-evaluation. It’s vital to begin the process early because renewal takes more time.

Most renewals take place at least one year after certification. However, there are a few cases where the duration may take even shorter. Ensure that you check your certification's expiration as soon as you receive your registry ID and mark the date. It's vital to schedule an early recertification appointment to avoid inconveniences.

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The recertification process is accessible on the state website. Patients only need to enter their new registration identity number and answer and respond to a few yes/no questions. Submit and wait for your approval.

Are There Patient Possession Limits?

The state of New York has no patient possession limits. The doctor recommends a suitable dosage as indicated in the certification. Now you can begin registration for your marijuana card in your path to a medical marijuana treatment program.