Man is a curious animal and loves exploring new places. Vacations, explorations, and trips give an individual a lot of happy memories to enjoy. Most people like to share such happy moments with their friends and family. While sharing travel stories on social media is a welcome step, you need to understand that the average internet user has a shorter attention span than someone of the past. Such a person will be more interested in a travel video than a post or images of the trip.

Luckily, preparing a travel video is easier than you think, click here to try it yourself. Here are some tips that will help you get started on such a video.

Watch Popular Travel Videos

As a novice, you need to figure out what works in the travel industry. The easiest way to do this is to watch a lot of travel videos. Such content will help you to figure out the popular formats of travel videos. You will also learn about the framing of shots, the use of transitions, and a lot more.

YouTube and Vimeo Travel are the two most popular platforms for your travel videos. When you watch a lot of travel videos, you will understand why some videos perform better than the rest. You can then incorporate such tactics in your travel videos for maximum reach.

Procure the Necessary Equipment

You do not need expensive gear to begin your travel video-making journey. Most smartphones today record in 4K and HD resolutions and are fit for travel videos. If you are using a DSLR, read up on basic camera settings such as aperture adjustment, ISO, shutter speed alteration, and other technicalities to make the most of your device.

A camera with RX100 is recommended for beginners as that allows you the luxury of auto-settings while filming in difficult conditions. If your budget permits, you can go for a camera that shoots in 6K resolution. That way, when you downsize the clips during editing, you will have a sharper image. Wherever possible, try to carry a monopod or tripod to get more stable video clips.

Prepare Your Camera for the Trip

While a lot of filming flaws can be rectified during post-production, inconsistency in original footage often shows up in the result. For the best travel videos, spend time with your recording device to identify the ideal settings.

Then, set that as your default camera settings for the trip. That way, you can ensure the consistency of your video footage. If that is not possible, ensure that you maintain the camera setting for at least the day’s shoot.

Plan Your Shoots

While filming your travel video is an important part of your trip, you must make time to enjoy the trip. If you spend the entire time filming material for the video, you will burn yourself out. This will take a toll on the quality of your travel video.

To avoid such a situation, dedicate a block of your day to the filming. Spend the rest of the day exploring the place. Since dawn and late evenings have the best natural lighting, we suggest that you spend these hours collecting travel footage. However, this is purely subjective, and you can choose any time of the day that is the most convenient for you.

Have a Video Story

When you watch your travel videos, you will enjoy it since you will be reliving your memories. However, your viewers will not have such memories, and you need to come up with a story to have them hooked to the content. To create a story, make sure that you collect ample footage while on the trip.

During the editing, sit through all your footage to find a common thread. Then, weave it into a story that has a beginning, middle, and conclusion. Consistency of content and a steady story flow will help to prevent user drop off on your travel video.

Make The Video About the Location

While building your presence on YouTube or other video-sharing platforms, you may feel tempted to focus on yourself and your travel life. You need to understand that people watch your travel videos to see the locations and sceneries. Your viewers will be the culture of the place that you are visiting.

For example, you can try to create a travel video showcasing the local cuisine. Such a video will be better received as compared to one where you show off your luxurious hotel stay. Understand that the focus of your travel videos should be on talking about the place and not about yourself.

Diversify Your Shots

One of the easiest ways to capture the audience’s attention is to diversify the shots of your travel video. You can pan your frame left or right to create motion. Depending on the nature of the video, you can move up and down, shoot a time-lapse or come up with spinning shots. Try to capture wide shots of the scenery as these act as filler content between shots of your travel videos.

Choose Your Editing Tool

Irrespective of the quality of your travel footages, it is important to subject the clips to basic editing before uploading them on the internet. Depending on your video-making budget and editing expertise, identify the tool of your choice.

For example, if you are looking for a quick solution to video making, InVideo will provide you with ample templates for your video making. However, those who are keen on professional-level video editing would prefer advanced tools such as the DaVinci Code. To improve the quality of your travel videos, we suggest that you stick to one video editing tool for all your travel videos.

Just like every travel journey is unique, so is every video. As you create more and more travel videos, you will develop a unique style. With practice, you can expect an improvement in the quality of your videos. Eventually, you will figure out what works the best for your viewers and come up with innovative ways of having the viewer engrossed in your travel tales,