Are you thinking of repainting your property and are now looking for ways to ascertain that a painting contractor is suitable for the job before hiring them? If yes, then this post is meant for you. Here you will learn all you need to know to avoid hiring a low-quality painting contractor.

Maybe due to past experiences with low-quality painters or lack of enough funding, some people prefer to go the DIY route for their paint job. Although this seems like a smart thing, in reality, it mostly never ends well. This is mainly because painting is a skill-based job that requires years of practice. There is more to painting than just splashing paints on a wall. For an excellent and beautiful paint job, it is always best to hire a professional painting contractor like Elite Finishing: painting contractors basic. Apart from helping you select the correct colour combination, a professional will do a neat job. They can help bring out the true beauty of your building.

Meanwhile, here are tips you can follow when hiring a painting contractor.

Check The License And The Credentials Of The Contractor

Credentials are one of the most important things to check before considering hiring a contractor. You need to keep in mind that anyone can claim to be a painting contractor. Without a valid license, you can't differentiate between a fake painting contractor and a legitimate one. Ensuring you have hired a painting contractor with the required licenses and permits ensures that professionals are doing your work. Hiring a certified contractor will also help you avoid legal problems.

Also, make sure to ask for proof of insurance coverage. This will significantly help you if any worker gets injured while working on your premises or your property gets damaged.

Inquire About The Experience Of Their Painters

Before handing over your painting project to a contractor, you need to determine if the contractor works with well-experienced painters. You need to know how often those painters are being trained and how knowledgeable they are about the modern techniques and strategies for the job.

Hiring a contractor who doesn't have a standby team and only hires day labourers is a bad idea. This is because the contractor may not do a proper background check before hiring day labourers, thereby exposing your building to theft. Also, there is no way to confirm the level of experience day-labourers have.

Ask About The Quality Of The Materials They Use And The Number Of Coats They Apply.

A top-notch painting contractor should be able to provide you with all the information about your project. They should provide details such as the paint quality, how long it will last, and the number of coats they will apply (it's an industrial standard that a painting contractor applies at least two coats).

You also need to ask if they provide a warranty for their customers; if they do, ask for a written one.


The cost of hiring a painting contractor is one of the critical criteria you need to consider before you hire one. When deciding which contractor to hire, you shouldn't always go for the one with the lowest price. This is because most contractors offering meagre prices only do so to win bids. They will either ask for more money along the line or only use substandard materials. Getting a contractor with experience, a proper license, insurance covering their career, and knowing good work's safety will save you a couple of dollars, but it is usually worth it.

Nevertheless, you should be wary of contractors with overpriced rates. It makes no sense to pay a higher price for something you can get for a lower price elsewhere. Generally, getting quotes from at least three painting contractors is best before deciding which one to hire.

Remember to ask the contractor for at least three customers they have worked for in the past. Inquire from those customers about their experience with the contractor, the quality of work provided, and their professional attitudes. Following the above-listed tips can easily avoid hiring a substandard painting contractor and save money and time.