Choosing the right engagement ring involves many factors. The diamond itself has different cuts. The ring setting affects the look of the ring and the type of diamond that will go with it.

The metal for the ring is likewise an essential factor. Most people go for the classic look and choose from a wide range of gold engagement rings, such as the elegantly and creatively designed pieces from Others go for the understated beauty of white gold, while some love the unique and modern look of rose gold.

Different engagement ring styles

Some women prefer classic, timeless and simple beauty. Other women love to have rings that are more decorative and eye-catching. Women who are active and often work with their hands may look for something more durable.

Many people are familiar with the solitaire style or setting. But there are several other styles that you may not know about, such as halo, pavé, cathedral, etc. So read on.

Picking the right setting

The core of the ring design is the ring setting. Selecting the right ring setting depends mainly on the lifestyle of the wearer and her preference. A key consideration when choosing the setting is its cleaning and maintenance.

  • Prong or solitaire setting: This is the most classic and typical setting. The prongs are the little claws that anchor the diamond securely. They can be V-shaped, flat, pointed or rounded. The setting shows the diamond prominently and allows more light to pass through the stone. It is easy to clean and fits different diamond sizes and shapes.
  • Pavé setting: The jeweller sets small diamonds close together along the ring's shoulders. Tiny metal prongs hold the stones in place. Usually, the small diamonds are set into little holes drilled into the shoulders. The pavé setting highlights the centre diamond, adding more brilliance to it.
  • Halo setting: In this setting, the centre stone is surrounded by smaller diamonds placed in a square or concentric circle. The arrangement makes the centre stone look more prominent and increases the ring's sparkle.
  • Cathedral setting: This is one of the classic and most elegant settings for engagement rings. The cathedral setting uses arches to hold the diamond, with the arches coming up from the shank. It gives more focus on the centre stone, making it appear larger. The arches provide a ring with a unique design.
  • Three-stone setting: With this setting, you can use stone in multiple sizes. The style is suitable for princess cut and round brilliant cut. Some people associate this setting with the past, present, and future of the couple.
  • Infinity/twisted setting: The setting is a symbol of everlasting love, using a figure 8 pattern with two interlinked bands. The unique shape of the shank highlights the centre stone. The infinity setting usually has two unadorned bands. Another version gives the shank a twist by combining a plain band with a pavé band.

The difference in engagement ring style changes the personality and appearance of the ring. Even if it is made from the same metal, the style or the setting of the ring will affect its look and price.