The Singaporean reputable gaming company, Razer Inc., plans to venture into Fintech. According to its CEO Min-Liang Tan, the firm aims to expand its investment to reach a wider Southern Asian market. The prevailing pandemic has caused different challenges that have affected the global economy significantly.

However, Razer has managed to overcome most of them using different strategies. One of them is the mindset of identifying and implementing new opportunities. That has helped the gaming firm to continue operating even when there are financial challenges.

Razer has been assisting its business partners since the onset of the current pandemic. The firm has been offering its affiliates financial support and access to its software and hardware. That has helped them to remain relevant during these hard economic times. The company has also been at the forefront in helping to combat the spread of covid-19 infections. In addition, when the pandemic began, the firm started manufacturing and distributing face masks to give back to the community for their support.

The reputable gaming company has been offering different financial services through Razer Pay, a digital payment platform. According to Min-Liang Tan, the financial experience the firm has acquired through the years is what they expect to use when starting a digital bank for the youth.

The Razer CEO notes that the company has been investing in the latest hardware and software programs that significantly improved the firm's reputation. In addition, the efficient programs have helped the firm to provide different services that meet the expectations of their clients that have increased significantly in the last few months.

The firm's employees use their exceptional skills to develop products that align with their client's requirements. The professional team has been implementing every fresh idea they have to develop products that have kept the company going. The products have been effective in helping the company remain relevant even when many businesses have been affected by the prevailing pandemic.

The discoveries helped the firm to increase its earnings significantly. Some of the profits went to improving their products while a significant percentage went to supporting an environmental conservation organization.

The Razer CEO is passionate about what he does. He believes that everything is achievable as long as we put our minds towards what we focus on. He also believes that we should rethink a different strategy when the one we started fails. That is the theory he has been using to focus on everything he does.

Min-Liang Tang had been practising law for years. However, he changed his career in 2005, when he ventured into the gaming industry. The change of career was the turning point in his success. Since he joined Razer, Min-Liang has enjoyed tremendous success.

Using his exceptional leadership, he has helped the firm to invest in different countries. As a result, the firm is currently one of the best gaming companies, with millions of clients in different countries. Besides, the firm has so sold millions of products to its clients through its affiliate companies globally.