Creativity is a mental muscle that will stretch and strengthen when exercised. With a little more creativity, you will be solving problems in class, at home, in the office, and even at a personal level. Who knows, you could come up with the next big global brand because you can see things differently. If you are a student in college, you can hire a research paper service to create more time and a relaxed mind to exercise your creativity.

Each person has an intrinsic sense of creativity. However, you can take it a notch higher by embracing some of these tricks as suggested by experts.

Clear your Mind

A mind with too many thoughts has not room for creativity. It does not call for idleness. Rather, avoid running too many unconscious thoughts in your head. Stress, anxiety, and depression are some of the enemies of creativity.

Some of the best ways to clear your mind include being on good terms or at peace with yourself and other people. Perform your duties and accept natural outcomes. You avoid worrying or being in conflict with people who may stir unwelcome thoughts. Though you might not engage the thoughts actively, their presence in your subconscious mind will affect your creativity. Pursue peace of mind and a calm spirit to enhance your creativity.

Surround Yourself with Inspiration

Creativity is contagious. If you are around inspiring people or an environment that will ignite your inspiration, your mind will be more creative. The environment is considered a positive influence on creativity. It works like imitation. If you are around creative people, you will unlock your own creativity.

Pin posters of persons or objects that inspire you. For instance, an architect can have murals of beautiful skylines. A musician can listen to the best tracks by top singers to boost his inspiration. Read poems if you are a poet looking for the best ideas.

Surrounding yourself gives you an idea of the stands that already exist in the industry. Your mind takes that as a challenge to improve on the existing designs or ideas. Before you know it, you have beaten the most creative idea of the moment.

Take a Walk

Taking a walk is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to boost your creativity. The walk gets you away from familiar grounds. Interaction with new items and people opens new idea channels and allows you to experience a different perspective of life.

Do not just walk around the neighbourhood. Such would be a futile walk because you are likely to encounter the same people, buildings, roads, and features as you have always done. It is better to go to a new place.

A long drive is also an alternative to walking. Hit the road for a few hours and get out of the city. Visit a park or rural areas with vegetation and open spaces. Breathe fresh air and allow the mind to imagine. Listen to your favourite music, walk with a friendly person, carry a book to read, and such other interesting tricks. Walking is a brilliant way to think through ideas when you are stuck and cannot find a way out.


The mind feels lighter and brighter when you exercise. First, you stretch your muscles and in the process eliminate fatigue. In the course of exercise, you take in huge chunks of fresh air that will go straight to your brain. The act stimulates your brain activity to cause sparks of brilliance.

Exercise also increases your creativity by reducing stress. As muscles get tighter due to inactivity, less oxygenated blood will get to your head. Toxins and waste materials also accumulate in your body. As you exercise, you will clear these compounds from the body and give room for new tissues.

You do not have to enrol on a gym. Improvise an exercise regime around the house. Lift water bottles, chairs, and use the door frame to exercise. Yoga sessions will also help you to stretch the body. By opening your mind, you will be more creative.


Creativity is also a skill in that you will get better with practice. You will understand this point better when you watch players or artists. Their first album or painting is always rudimentary. As the artists practice or play, they gain mastery to become world-beaters.

Practice is the surest path to creativity. It helps you to identify tricks that work and those that will not work. People also criticize and appreciate your work, giving you new ideas to try out. If you want to be the best, you must practice,

Creativity will disappear if the mind or the environment is not supportive. Avoid negative thoughts, fatigue, and hindrances that may block energy flow into the mind to ignite creativity. Take time on a project and you will experience bursts of creativity pushing you ahead.