What is Binomo and how can Pakistani traders use it?

The world increasingly progresses towards trading through online platforms from the ease of their homes. Binomo is an online trading platform available on the website and on the app for traders from various countries and Pakistan particularly. It aims to be the benchmark of an honest and reliable partner you can depend on. Read on to discover how to use this platform and how it can provide quality services and professional tools for your trading experience.

Binomo in Pakistan - what is it?

In the world of constantly morphing trading, platforms like Binomo have proven their worth globally and are setting up their groundworks in Pakistan. Binomo.com is a platform where people learn how to invest and trade. It is currently available in 139 countries, with over 800k traders active daily. The best part? Users can open multiple trades at the same time and the minimum expense required to make for a trade is fairly low.

Sign up and Sign in

Registration on Binomo is fairly convenient. Here is the short tutorial:

  1. Open the web page www.binomo.com.
  2. On the login page, you must specify the currency you wish to trade in. Signing up from Pakistan would allow you to choose a currency from PKR, USD or EUR. Note, that the currency can’t be changed once it's chosen.
  3. Your login is the email you provide on the website, enabling you to sign in to your account and take advantage of the platform benefiting hundreds of thousands of traders.
  4. Then add a strong password, read and accept the terms of the Client Agreement.
Once these steps are done, you can start using the platform. To sign in Binomo later, you only need to use your email and password.

Trading education

There are many ways to learn the principles of trading and the features of the Binomo platform. They will allow you to get practice and trading experience and learn how to make forecasts based on analytics.

Demo account

Let’s see how Binomo works - at your first attempt to sign in, you will be given a Demo account where 1000 virtual dollars are deposited by the company. So that you may familiarise yourself with the functionality of the platform.

The Demo account ensures that new traders do not end up making a trade that they regret later - learn how to trade, get practice, try using different strategies and participate in the “Daily free” contest to get a trading experience without investments.


Binomo has a variety of strategies described on the platform such as:

  • 7 golden rules to trade without losses
  • “Pathfinder”: version to trade in flat
  • How to turn information from news to profit etc.
However, a 100% result on trade can’t be promised despite the strategies that you use. Use them for educational purposes, analyse them and try to decide at each particular time how to make a forecast.

Note! The use of signals is against Binomo regulations, so you can’t apply them on this platform.

Help Center

The Help centre on Binomo is like Wikipedia. It is the FAQ section where traders can look for solutions to the problems they are facing, especially as beginners. It has answers to questions like “How to start a trade”, “Which ways are available for making a deposit”, and much more.

How to trade on Binomo?

For answering questions about what Binomo is and how does it work, see this trading guide:

  1. To begin a trade, the first thing you need to do is choose whether you’re going to trade from your Demo account, real account or the Tournament account.
  2. Next up, is selecting an asset and specifying the amount of trade that you require.
  3. Then, you make a forecast, whether the chart will go UP or DOWN.
  4. The last step is concluding the trade by selecting a time for the completion of the trade.
  5. Once your forecast is correct, you get up to 90% of the profit from a trade. If the forecast is not correct, the amount invested is not returned.
When traders have no experience, they might ask “How to make money on Binomo?” but this is not correct because on the platform you can’t make money, you can earn extra income on trade and learn how to use strategies, analyse the market and use the tools properly.

Note! Choosing a time duration for the trade is not possible, e.g. if you want to complete a trade within 5 minutes, you have to open the trade right on the dot at 9:55 and select 10:00 for the expiration time.


You need to know how to invest money in Binomo if you plan to trade with real funds. Online payment methods have considerably evolved in Pakistan over recent years. Traders have safe and convenient ways for making a deposit and starting trading. Digital payment options like Easypaisa, JazzCash and Upaisa are the most popular ones. Through these wallet-based payment methods, clients can transfer and receive funds safely and without any hassles.

Note! The minimum deposit is $10 - after investing this sum in your account, you can start trading with real funds.


There is a welcome bonus of 25% for all traders. The bonuses are credited to the trader’s account depending on the terms of the promotional program for Binomo non-deposit bonuses, and the amount of the trader’s deposit, for deposit bonuses.

In order to withdraw bonuses from the client’s account, the client ought to complete the Mandatory Trading Turnover. It is the amount of bonus multiplied by its leverage factor. Only one active bonus is allowed in a client’s account until the Mandatory trading turnover is completed.

Withdraw funds

For security purposes, clients can withdraw funds from their Binomo account using one of the payment methods they used when deposited funds. The withdrawal of funds might take from a few minutes up to 3 days or more, depending on the type of account and selected payment method.

Binomo app review

Let’s see what the Binomo app is. You can download a mobile app for Android and iOS to invest and trade 24/7 even when there is no PC nearby. It is available in various languages including English. However, there is no software available for PCs (both Windows and Mac), so use the website or download an app to your smartphone or tablet.

Note! Binomo APK is available through the link on the website for Android users who face trouble downloading from Google Play: https://binomo.com/en/promo/android.


There is no doubt whether Binomo is real or fake because it has been a class “A” member of The International Financial Commission. This addresses the reliability of the organization and ensures the traders quality of services, transparency of relationships and the insurance of a free proficient association. Due to Binomo’s association with IFC’s compensation fund, traders can be sure that this safe platform is not a scam, its users are well protected and their issues are resolved efficiently. In addition to that, Binomo also has been certified by Verify My Trade (VMT) for the quality of trades.


Here there are a few examples of reviews that traders leave on YouTube talking about Binomo:
  • A YouTuber, Dilip Sharma, said that earning income from home was relatively convenient.
  • Likewise, another trader Aman advised his viewers that funds can be earned on Binomo as long as you do trading properly and give yourself time.
  • On the other hand, Praveen Dilliwala, yet another YouTuber, was neutral about it. According to Praveen, traders' results are different, depending on whether their prediction is correct or not.


In this article, you learned the basic principles of trading on www.binomo.com. Additionally, you can read reviews on forums such as Quora, as well as app reviews in app stores or on the net to assess why other traders choose Binomo to handle their trades. This trading platform has various tools, educational materials and features to learn trading even without investments. However, always remember that there is a risk of losing your funds when you invest in trading.