Life is busy, and there isn’t nearly as much time available to you as you might like. Ideally, you would want to be able to balance your spare time between relaxing and doing the smaller things you enjoy and using it to productively develop new skills – either through a hobby or something more rigid such as lessons. Unfortunately, time doesn’t grow on trees, and you have to be more selective with how you spend it.

This economical approach to how you spend your time can mean that when you’re faced with a period of free time, you have to be somewhat selective about what you do with it. If you’re trying to better yourself, you ideally want to achieve as much as possible within one movement. So, how can you broaden your skillset and improve your chances of employment at the same time?

Learn to Drive

Learning to drive is one of those major milestones in life that it feels like everyone has to cross at one point or another. The problem is, the longer you leave it, the harder it is to find time for it, and it is not a process that can be rushed into any sort of time frame that would be convenient. It also, unfortunately, comes with the burden of being quite expensive. With all of these setbacks, it seems unlikely that any potential positive that you would glean from this skill would have to be seriously impressive to make up for it.

Driving is a life skill; it will open a lot of doors and opportunities for convenience for you in your personal life, and it’s something that will make a lot of jobs more accessible as well. Any job that takes you to a wide variety of locales will likely require you to have a driver’s license, and that means that if you’re hoping to grab yourself a job that doesn’t restrict you to sitting in an office all week, you’re going to have a much better chance if you learn how to drive.

Consider Taking a Training Course

Taking a training course that specializes in a specific skill can be something that you might have already considered if said skill is relevant to helping you succeed in your career of choice. However, people don’t always have a specific career in mind when trying to get employed, so they instead look for general ways of making themselves more employable.

Training courses can help you out here as well. All you need to do is look for courses that are popular among employers, and you can be confident that the skills you gain will make you more desirable as a potential candidate. For example, becoming a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect might be something that helps open a lot of doors for you, especially if you’re interested in a career in an IT-related field.

It can also help look at your own skills and interests to see which way you’re naturally inclined and pursue courses that complement these.