Did you know that you can turn your backyard into something as beautiful as your living room? It doesn’t matter if you have a spacious or cramped backyard. With these upgrade ideas and the help of your trusted concrete company Austin – you are in for a great backyard surprise.

Here are ten upgrade ideas for any patio that you can check out.

Take Advantage of Pavers

If you are tired of how your concrete patio floors look, you can easily upgrade them by adding pavers. Pavers are now available in different shapes, styles, and colours. Do a mix and match or just use pavers to add life to your patio.

Build a Fire Pit

Do you leave your patio unused when it is cold outside? Extend the use of your patio even in the winter by building a fire pit. During summer, a fire pit can also make your patio cosier. Barbecue nights won’t be the same anymore with a fire pit in your mind. If you have a concrete patio, match it with a concrete fire pit too.

Add Plants on A Colorful Vase or Container

To improve the look of your patio, you can place some plants in every corner. Place it in colourful containers that match your furniture or patio design. For an open patio, make sure to put plants that can survive even when exposed to the sun. if it is a covered patio, then choose plants that won’t require much sunlight.

Build an Outdoor Bar

Do you love drinking at night while sitting on your patio? Make your nightcap more comfortable and relaxing by adding a bar to your concrete patio. If your patio is covered, you can add a television as well. Now you can watch your favourite game while drinking your favourite beer outdoors without spending too much.

Install Speaker

With a TV and a bar, what can make your night livelier? A speaker! Install small but powerful speakers on your walls and watch your favourite sports in full volume. It will feel like you are in the stadium as well plus it can make your patio more awesome.

Add DIY Furniture to Match Your Patio Design

If you design your concrete patio, chances are it’s unique, and finding a table and chair to match it up can be difficult. Ask your concrete company in Austin if they can help you make your DIY concrete table and chairs or if they can recommend any. Having everything in concrete is a fun way to design a patio too.

Install Special Lightings

Don’t settle with common light bulbs to light up your barbecue nights. Make each night more exciting with stringed lights, hung above to give your patio a livelier look. You can also install courtyard lights or vintage wall lights for a more dramatic effect.

Install A Grill or A Pizza Oven

Instead of using an electric grill during party nights, why not make it a permanent part of your patio? Install a grill made of brick or pavers or ask your concrete company in Austin if they can add a concrete grilling station to your concrete patio.

What if you are into pizzas or your family loves pizza? A wooden-fired oven that can cook pizza can be added to your concrete patio as well. Wow, that can mean easy pizza night, every night,

Add a Body of Water to the Picture

According to Chinese beliefs, a body of water in the house is a lucky charm. No one can say if it’s true or not, but we know it can make your backyard fancier. You can place a small fountain (with a dancing fountain show at night to show off your guests) or just add a small pond with little carp or koi.

Add a Pergola

Give your patio that classic yet modern look by installing a garden Pergola. A pergola can also give you shade during the day. Adorn it with a pretty curtain or veil or just hang flowering plants on its walls. If you think it is complicated to build a pergola, ask your concrete company in Austin for help.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of our upgrade ideas for your patio? Have you picked a possible upgrade for your patio or do you have an idea as well? The good thing about your backyard space is that you can easily modify it to match your preference. Concrete patios are easy to upgrade and with the help of your trusted concrete contractors Austin, you can find any upgrade doable and affordable.