Performing a background check is one of the most common parts of an interview. Companies dig up your records to ensure they are hiring the right person for the job. But What if you could perform a background check to know about your relatives, colleagues, and partner?

Today, we will discuss how you can perform a background check on someone. Our method will help you find any type of record of a person. You can get all the information about them. That too, without waiting for weeks (we all know about information centres).

To help you understand how these things work, let us cover a few things about this process.

What is Advanced Background Check?

An advanced background check is a type of tool that gives you information about a person. Usually, a background check involves different parties who work together to find the required information. However, there is a much more reliable, pain-free method that will help you get the information in no time.

The online background check is the alternate option that lets you access the public information of an individual without letting them know. Another benefit of this technology is it gives you direct access to that information in no time.

Thus, it makes more sense to go for advanced background checks instead of traditional background check methods.

Here is the most popular platform to use this technology.


CocoFinder is an online service that gives you an option to search for any kind of public information. The solution comes with a database that has records of every individual, phone number, real estate, email address, and professionals. All this information is available through different tools of this solution.

The solution works similarly to most search engines. You provide your query, and it will generate the results for you. The only difference is the way CocoFinder’s website presents the information. It will provide a report of all the available information related to your query. It means you can say goodbye to those annoying reference links that ask you to check them out to find information.

This free tool helps you access services like people search, address lookup, email lookup, and background check.

Here’s how you can use the background check service of this platform.

Easy Guide to Perform Advanced Background Check

To use online background check services, you will need to use an information public finder. We recommend you use CocoFinder to get level 2 background check for the search. However, you can do your research and look for some alternatives as well.

In this guide, we will take CocoFinder’s example to explain the process step by step.

1. The first step is to visit its website. You can access the website through the link we mentioned in the introduction of the CocoFinder solution. Another way is to search for the website on a search engine like Google or Bing.

2. The next is to click on the background check button from the homepage. You can find the button at the top-right corner of your window. It will redirect you to the background check service page.

3. You will find the page that will ask you to enter the details. Enter the first name, last name, area, and choose the State. After providing this information, hit the search button.

4. Wait for a few seconds (or minutes) so that the platform can search for the available information. After the search is completed, it will generate the report for you.

5. Click on the report and you will find complete details of the person there.

What Can I Find In Background Check Report of a Person?

With platforms like CocoFinder, you get a background check report for your search query. Although every platform has its unique report, here are the common sections that you will find in almost every one of them.

Identity Details

The first section of the report focuses on the identity details of the person. It includes first name, last name, gender, photo, and other public details of the person.

Contact Details

The second section of the report includes all the contact details of the person. You can check the phone number, email address, home address, and other details of that individual. You can find some more details like the office address of the person, provided they make it public.

Criminal Records

The criminal records section includes all the committed crimes of the person. It also includes the police records regarding theft, robbery, sex offends, and court trials of the person. The best part is that you can find out whether there is a pending case on the person.

The information is helpful when you want to know if you are safe with your neighbour, kid’s teacher, or babysitter. You can find some other details like the traffic tickets of a person as well.

Employment History

It is the most interesting part of the report where you can find the employment history of the person. It is helpful when you need to know about a person before making some professional relations with them. However, only a few websites are allowed to provide these details due to the limitations for hiring companies.

It includes the records of the places where the person has worked before. You can learn almost everything about the person using this section.

Education Records

This part includes all the education records of the person. It lets you understand the educational qualifications of that individual. Thus, you can always spend some time with this report.

Final Words

If you are interested in performing advanced background checks, you will find a reliable solution. Here we covered some easy steps of performing this check with our most trusted solution. You can also try this method to get access to credible information easily.

The only thing to consider while performing a background check is security. Some platforms inform the person when you search for these details. However, CocoFinder keeps your search anonymous and provides you with all the details without letting someone know.