If you find that you need a criminal lawyer in New York, there are plenty of options to choose from - but what is the right one for you? Depending on your specific convicted crime, law area, geographical location, and budget, your selection for finding a criminal lawyer will vary.

We recommend looking up the best habits of successful law firms and WHY they are among the best in New York State. What characteristics do all of the law firms possess, and why is it important? Find out here!

Habits of successful law firms

When looking for a reputable law firm, like Spodek Law Group, you need to look at their characteristics, habits, business practices, past experience, and success rates before making a decision.

Efficiency is key

One of the main factors of a successful law firm is efficiency. Large firms are sometimes not always the most efficient. Instead, specialized law firms that are smaller in size can speak directly with their clients, communicate with employees, and quickly get important directions and advice from top to bottom.

Enjoy your job

Just like any occupation in life, another habit of a successful law firm is the enjoyment the employees get from doing their job. There are primary causes of stress in your daily life, whether from children, running late, extracurricular activities, your boss, or time management. By having a job you enjoy, stress is reduced, and you can better serve your clients.

The employees are smart and capable

Employees at reputable law firms should be well educated, intelligent, personable, capable, and able to figure things out independently without constant supervision. The best law firms have honest and hard-working employees who can effectively manage your case without being constantly supervised by the bosses.

Focus on specialities

If you have a criminal case and need a criminal defence lawyer, make sure you choose a law firm that focuses on the specific area of law that you need. Successful firms define their specialized areas of law with higher fees, combine areas of law that make sense together and create a trustworthy reputation.

Dedicate time to the business

Reputable law firms, like Spodek Law group, dedicate time, energy, and resources to making their law firms one of the best in the area of New York. Even though you may want to be done as soon as 5 pm rolls around, making your business one of the best in the state requires extra time and effort.


If you need a criminal lawyer in New York state, make sure you take the habits of highly successful law firms into mind when choosing the best criminal lawyer for your case. Take the success of a reputable company, like Spodek law group, and analyze what they did - what makes them successful and how do they stay successful? Find a criminal lawyer who offers the characteristics and reputation that you require.