Do you have trouble writing clever plot twists? Many college students have a hard time coming up with plot twists that haven’t been used before. Thinking outside the box can be challenging, especially for students who aren’t avid readers.

Make time to read as many storylines as you can to explore interesting plot twists. You can also reach out to online assistants from Getting help from experts opens you up to new writing techniques you can use in future essays.

While writing essays, always think about your potential audience and the kind of story they would expect from you. Writing for your reader gives you an easy time coming up with clever plot twists.

With practice, you’ll soon be able to come up with mind-blowing stories that will have your readers marvel at your technique.
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Approach your story as a reader

The key to writing a clever plot twist is to think about your readers when you’re crafting the story. Approaching your essay as a reader lets you know what to do to make your narration interesting.

An effective twist is one that your audience would relate with even though they did not see it coming. Constantly put yourself in your reader’s shoes so that your narration doesn’t miss a beat. Think about how you would react to your story before you pen it down just to be sure you’re on the right track.

Escape predictable plot twists by avoiding all the routes your reader would expect the story to go. Look for potential plot twists that take your readers out of their comfort zones. Note down everything you want to include in the story for reference when you start working on your paper.

If you think that there’s even the slightest chance that your readers might predict a plot twist, reave it out of the narration.

Use subtle misdirection

The other thing is to subtly misdirect your reading audience so they won’t sense where the story is going. This is a very essential element to include because writing clever plot twists is not synonymous to pulling magic tricks. Even though you want to take your audience by surprise, you want to make sure there were events that led up to the unpredictable twist.

Gently leading your readers away from the obvious plot twist ensures they’re taken aback when something else happens.

Let your characters create the plot twists

If you’ve written before you know that characters have a life of their own. Letting them lead the way makes it easier to come up with a clever plot twist. Insert yourself in the world you’ve created and let the characters interact naturally without coercion from you.

Make your story as authentic as possible so that your readers can believe the unpredictable plot twist. The plot twist should be something possible, unpredictable as it may be.

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Wrapping Up

Students are always escaping predictable plot twists in their narration but still end up with a twist their potential reading audience could see coming from a mile away. When you know what your audience expects, you can maneuver your way around to arrive at a plot twist they wouldn’t have predicted in a million years.