Medius accounts payable automation makes tasks like capturing, coding, and digitalizing the paper-based invoices less time-consuming and easier by direct posting at your ERP.

A process of accounts payable automation eliminates various aspects of the account payable operations. No doubt, it is helpful to facilitate the automatic digital submissions and approval of purchase orders as well as invoices rather than having or managing paper copies. Due to smart AP automation, all accounts payable processes become streamlined for better control and visibility of data associated with finances. The basic aim of smart AP automation is to enhance efficiency by making these processes highly automatic for the swift and seamless functioning of the accounts payable department. Moreover, with the use of this automatic software, you can finish tasks in minimum time with better accuracy, or you can reduce human errors easily. In this way, you are allowing your company to reach the peak of excellence in no time. Medius AP automation decreases all the manual tasks that are time-consuming and expensive. Indeed, it is helpful for businesses to save costs on resources.

Medius AP Automation Exceptional Features

All substantial features of Medius AP Automation are best and appreciable. Some of them are discussed below:

Single User Experience

The single user experience will reduce the multiple systems, logging for capturing and processing of invoices. Medius AP automation will provide you streamlined user experience for the accounts payable process, and you can use the same UI to process your all invoices without any issue.

Touchless Data Capture and Invoice Scanning

Their state-of-the-art data capture software automatically extracts and pinpoints invoice data. Touchless capture technology is managing all these automatic processes and saving your precious time. Original invoices are also secured by Medius accounts payable automation so you can check them at the time of need.

Predictive Coding

Medius AI automatically matches the data of invoices against the orders of purchase, receipts of goods, or contracts which include a wide range of data, like line totals, line items, or invoice headers. Their clever predictive capturing and coding enhances the compliance of automatic invoice processing.

Complete Financial Visibility

Indeed, complete financial visibility with detailed analytics and reports is helpful in taking better decisions. Moreover, you can better control your finances because of it. All details like cash flow forecasts missed and captured discounts, a capital working dashboard are there in front of you every time without any difficulty. You can access it from anywhere.

Benefits of the Using Medius AP Automation

There are countless benefits of using AP automation for your company. A few of them are mentioned below:

Digitalize Your Documents

An automated system will remove the requirement of the paper filing system with date and solve the issue of storage space shortage. Formally, all orders related to purchases are manually filled out, scanned and then these scanned documents are emailed around the office. But, AP automation will do everything for you. You don’t have to do anything.

Minimum Error

Human error is a natural thing. We can't eliminate it completely. There are various chances of error in labour-intensive traditional accounts payable departments. By the use of accounts payable automation software, these processes can be done without error, and in this way, it decreases the risk of faults.

Autonomies Workforce

Everyone can easily use automated software that is intuitive, well-made, and reliable. In addition to this, it can reduce the workload of one team, and everyone in the workforce can file the orders of purchase confidently with a system having a step-by-step guide.

Accessible from Everywhere

Wherever paper processes are involved, they need to be done in a certain way or at an appropriate place. Moreover, all documents will be stored in the right cabinet after filling them correctly. If the whole process is digital then you can access and complete it from all over the world.


Medius smart AP automation can save your time by making tasks associated with invoice processing fast and easy. All pivotal tasks like coding, capturing, digitalizing the paper-based invoicing done by them without any effort and post them straight back to your ERP, so you don’t need to do any of them. No doubt in this way, they decrease a huge pressure of work from your mind. Medius accounts payable automation works smart and brings success with minimum effort. Your account payable department team can accelerate their efficiencies with the help of Medius analytics. You can get the benefit of their reports and dashboards for better cash flow visibility, perfect management of suppliers, spot process bottlenecks, and much more are there in the list. You can save precious time and accelerate your invoice processing without struggling hard and wasting your resources.