For those not aware, hyposomatotropism is a clinical term that many endocrinologists often use to denote a decline in human growth hormone (HGH) production in the body. Also, for those not aware, an estimated 6,000 Americans age 40 and over are diagnosed with this particular type of hormonal imbalance every year, according to study data from Medscape. What's more, many of these same men and women also collectively struggle with symptoms caused by having below-average HGH levels in their bloodstream.

Some of these symptoms include difficulty concentrating, low libido, unwanted weight gain, low energy and stamina, and mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression. While we are on the topic, it is worth pointing out that these same symptoms can interfere with an individual's work and home life. For example, it is not uncommon for low energy, difficulty concentrating, and mood disorders, all of which are part and parcel of having low HGH and other critical hormone levels in the bloodstream, to take a toll on productivity in the workplace.

As far as home life is concerned, the erectile dysfunction in men, vaginal dryness in women, and lack of sexual desire in both genders that are par for the course for many hormonal imbalances can trigger feelings of resentment. Further, they can get in the way of intimacy and could even spell the end of an otherwise strong relationship. The same is true of mood disorders, which also tend to go hand-in-hand with low hormone levels of nearly any type. Indeed, hormonal imbalances can affect the lives of men and women alike in more ways than one. For these reasons, many men and women with low HGH or another hormonal imbalance of some kind will turn to HRT clinics for help. That said, some clinics are, arguably, better than others. And to illustrate this point, we need only look at a few Long Beach, California clinics that have become standouts among residents who have turned to them to correct a hormonal imbalance and gain some relief from the associated symptoms.

HRT Clinics and Services in Long Beach

If you're among the thousands of people suffering from a hormonal imbalance and call Long Beach, CA home, you should know there are many hormone replacement therapy (HRT) clinics that can help you start feeling more like yourself again. After all, they each have licensed endocrinologists and other staff members well versed in what constitutes normal human growth hormone and testosterone levels in the body. The same applies to other hormones as well, including estrogen. With that, let's turn our attention to what Long Beach and the surrounding areas have to offer in the way of HRT-focused clinics:

Dr Richard Berkson's Endocrinology Team

Located at 1868 Pacific Ave in Long Beach, the Endocrinology Team, founded by now-retired endocrinologist Richard Berkson and passed on to his colleagues, Dr Khan Shana Viswanathan and Dr Yasmin Mohtasebi, is an ideal facility for those suffering from metabolic diseases. Examples of these diseases include diabetes and thyroid disease, both of which can adversely affect an individual's hormone levels and overall quality of life. For instance, it is not uncommon for some men and women with diabetes to also have low growth hormone levels and high cortisol levels. And this is because such hormonal imbalances tend to go hand-in-hand with most metabolic diseases.

While we are on the topic, multiple thyroid diseases can also pave the way to hormonal imbalances. Diseases that impact the thyroid can impede the normal secretion of triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) hormones. And these hormones are essential in that they keep the brain, heart, liver, and muscles functioning optimally. Along with low growth hormones, physicians with the Endocrinology Team routinely diagnose and treat the following in the way of thyroid diseases:

  • Goitre
  • Graves' disease
  • Hashimoto's disease
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Thyroid nodule
  • Thyroiditis

Medzone Long Beach Clinic

Located at 4940 Van Nuys Blvd #200 Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA, the Medzone Long Beach Clinic has proven itself a go-to for those struggling with low growth hormone or testosterone levels, not to mention the associated symptoms of either hormonal imbalance. Physicians with Medzone Long Beach Clinic often use HRT, which consists of FDA-approved growth hormone or testosterone replacement drugs, to boost low hormone levels.

According to physicians with the facility, patients that have undergone such treatments enjoyed considerable relief from symptoms once their hormone levels fell back into a normal range. Some of the medications prescribed by physicians at Medzone to individuals suffering from either low testosterone or human growth hormone levels include the following:

Human Growth Hormone Replacement Drugs

  • Genotropin
  • Humatrope
  • Norditropin
  • Omnitrope
  • Saizen
  • Zomacton

Testosterone Replacement Drugs

  • Depo-Testosterone
  • Delatestryl
  • Xyosted
  • Testosterone propionate
  • Testosterone undecanoate

Anti-Ageing and Wellness Medical

With offices located in the U.S. and Mexico, Anti-aging and Wellness Medical is well-equipped to provide quality HRT care to individuals struggling with low growth hormone or testosterone levels, irrespective of which side of the border they find themselves. As far as treatment is concerned, physicians with Anti-aging and Wellness Medical generally prescribe the same medications as part of an HRT regimen that facilities like Medzone and others prescribe to their patients after confirming they, indeed, have a hormonal imbalance.


With offices in Long Beach and nearby cities in the greater Los Angeles County area, MemorialCare is a facility that individuals with low HGH levels triggered by diabetes, specifically, should want to consider. And this is because the physicians with MemorialCare understand that effectively managing diabetes can, in turn, boost low HGH levels. At the same time, doing so also speeds relief from the unpleasant symptoms associated with not only diabetes but also low HGH levels.

How to Pick the Medical Facility and HRT Specialist That Is Right for You

As with all matters involving your health, your choice of facilities, practitioners, and medications, if necessary, can mean the difference between continuing to struggle with a health problem and living a healthy life. And diagnosing and ultimately resolving hormonal imbalances is no different. That said, the best way to go about finding both an ideal physician and facility to treat a hormonal imbalance is to choose from facilities and physicians that specialize in your unique hormonal imbalance first. From there, it would be a good idea to read reviews from former patients on reputable review boards, such as Trust Pilot and Yelp, for example. Lastly, it won't be a bad idea to use online resources to verify if complaints have ever been filed against any of the doctors you might have short-listed.

Bottom Line

All in all, hormonal imbalances can affect one's health and life in a variety of ways. And the longer they go untreated, the worse things invariably become. That said, if you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms that are in line with a hormonal imbalance, it is mission-critical that you or they schedule an appointment with a physician as soon as practically possible.