The world is going through a revolution on a daily basis. Come to think of it, there are some things that you know well that you used to play with or use as daily need when we're young but they are no more in existence.

Some may still be in existence, but it has gone through so many changes. This also applied to the clothing system. Back in the days, the manufacturer or the designer of the cloth has no connection with the customer, even the customer may not even know the manufacturer, their own is just to buy the garment.

Some may not even know the material used in making the garment, their own is just to purchase it. But nowadays there is now the invention of clothing labels in which the topics of my article will pass through that.

A label is designed according to the desired design of different makers of clothes design. These labels can be made in two ways, which is either the printed method or the woven method. And woven labels is what my article is based on today. Woven labels are made up of polyester threads that are woven together on a loom to present your desired designs and messaging. Woven labels are commonly made up of two main materials namely; polyester and cotton.

Not only are your designs woven into the label, but the whole itself is actually woven too. The fact that the whole label is woven makes for an attractive soft feel to them, but they are durable too. Now let us examine the benefits we can derive from the invention of woven labels.

The most important benefit of woven labels is their durability characteristics. Woven label on cloth tends to last longer than any other labels due to superior quality of material used. After all, they are carefully stitched as opposed to printed labels, so they are more resistant to being through a wash and repeatedly handled. To get a label done is not something easy, most especially woven labels because they are thought to be limited design-wise as they are woven on a loom. How will you now feel after going through so much stress to get a label done on your cloth, and the result is that it does not last long? You will definitely not feel good about it. That is why the woven label is seen as the best for it is durable and can be on the cloth as long as the customer still wears the cloth.

Furthermore, another supercilious benefit of the woven label is that it promotes branding. It is an opportunity for designers to promote their brand. And did you know that a great, recognisable brand builds trust with customers encouraging loyalty, and can make the difference between the success and failure of a company? Why will you not want to build trust with your customers with just a woven label? Then go for it!

Also, woven labels are also beneficial for its care for the clothing through supplying information about the materials the product is made from because not all materials are made the same way. Today’s customers are more environmentally conscious than they have ever been. Which is not their fault. Because proper care of garment is of course a necessity. It truly will not sound well if a customer purchases a cloth, but unknowingly that the cloth cannot be dried through the dryer, and it turned out that the cloth got damaged. Will that same customer wish to buy cloth from the same manufacturer? Absolutely no! But with the aid of a woven label, necessary information about the product will be supplied in it.

I think the addition of woven labels into the clothing system, has done us, humans, a great advantage.