A wedding anniversary is not an everyday affair that you can miss celebrating. It was a day when you vowed to be by each other’s side in good or in bad. It is a day that calls for a lavish celebration anytime because why not. Celebrate love, loyalty and togetherness any time of the year. But as we all know, COVID-19 has ruined outdoor celebrations. We cannot go to a fancy restaurant or throw a grand party anytime soon.

After this new strain of corona, we are again in a lockdown position where mental health is widely affected. So, for keeping yourself cheerful, every minute achievement needs to be celebrated. Then why not the wedding anniversary, which is kind of a significant achievement you had. Every passing year strengthens the bond you have with your partner and now, as you are in lockdown, let us celebrate the lockdown wedding anniversary with some small, cute gestures that your partner will love and will help you to be cheerful even in these challenging times.

As going out can cost anyone’s life in this situation, it is better to order things online. You can either order cake online in Mumbai or flowers in Hyderabad or gifts in Gurgaon for your #1. Impressing them is not easy, but it is not as complicated either. Hence, scroll down to see the fantastic tips to celebrate your wedding anniversary during the lockdown and leave your partner in awe.

Plan a Date Night

Now, as you cannot go out, why not surprise your lover by planning an exquisite date night for them? If you think they won’t appreciate it, then you are mistaken. People who love each other appreciate every little gesture made to make them happy. So, this anniversary, arrange everything and make your lover’s night special with a date night.

Leave a Handwritten Message

This might sound like old school, but this still works. Old school romance never goes out of fashion. Conveying the sentiments you have for your precious one is essential, and this also makes their day beautiful and worth cherishing. Leave a letter to the place they are most likely to go to in the morning. Begin your anniversary celebration with a heartwarming message to your lover.

Decorate Your Bedroom

Fill your day with romance and love by decorating your room in the most romantic style. As a year is completed, you are most probably to relive the memories you shared together. Also, if you are not able to give much time to each other in the past few days or weeks, then this lockdown, celebrate your anniversary romantically. Flowers, scented candles, gifts, sexy outfits and some wine would do the magic.

Record a Video Message

You might be under a roof, but as it is your wedding anniversary, you can do something different. A video message pouring your heart out would be the icing on the cake. Record a video message for your loved one and share it on their email. As soon as they open, they will be surprised to see it.

A Customised Gift Box

As going out is not a safer option, you can either order a custom gift box or hamper or curate one yourself for your loved one. It might be challenging to hide and make but not impossible. So, if you have all the desired material, then Gift Boxes for Women with a personal touch is always appreciated.

Cook Nice Meal

Spent time in the kitchen, the most romantic thing to do. It is your anniversary, take the day off, cook a nice meal with your lover and feed each other. A vital step to follow. This will make your lockdown anniversary worth remembering. Cook for each other their favourite delicacy and see how one values it.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the pandemic take over your mental health. Celebrate all the festivals with joy and enter the happiness in your life in these challenging times. This too shall pass but till then, celebrate your wedding anniversary with the tips shared above. Make your lockdown anniversary a memorable affair for your precious one. Stay safe and keep celebrating!