Car shows are a place with stiff competition. From different car models to car enthusiasts who have dedicated their time to ensure that their vehicles stand out, winning this is very much impossible if you do not have the right guide. Well, am glad you are here because we will be analyzing tips that will help you get noticed at the next car show and possibly win. Read on!

1.Take care of Your exterior

Getting ready for the exterior of your vehicle, including the chassis, is essential since it will make the first statement to the reviewers. You may have flashy stickers and a fresh wax on your car, but if you haven't washed it, you're setting yourself up to be written off early in the contest. The main philosophy for these car shows is to make your car look better than the day it stepped off the production line, which means you'll need to give it a thorough wash.

Don't even think about taking your car to the car wash if you are looking to make a statement with it in the show. It has the potential to depreciate the value of your vehicle and could potentially fade the colour of your coat. Reducing the glow of your car is the surest way to make it lost in a crowd. To get your vehicle ready, wash even the most difficult-to-reach places, paying close attention to every aspect.

2.Be presentable

Dressing nicely is part of every exhibition. So as you buy suppliers for upgrading the exterior of your car and make it more pronounced as you drive towards the exhibition centre, buy an outfit for yourself too. Think nice pair of jeans, nice shoes, a hat, and a jacket. There are fantastic jacket stores that have the best designs in the market. To be assured of a quality jacket, visit

They have outstanding offers and ship to different cities. Grab yourself a fashionable jacket to go with the desired design of your car and watch people crowd you for intel.

3.Focus on Your Tyres

Once you've washed the rest of the car, you'll want to pay extra attention to your wheels. Your car's wheels will be the centre of attention. A car show presentation technique that will take your vehicle to the next stage will make them look as appealing as possible. Ensure to pay closer attention to corners that accumulate dust and ensure they are as clean as possible.

4. The rims

Car rims have a way of adding a definitive statement to any car model. Whatever colour you choose, ensure that they blend well with the colour of your car. Sometimes black works well with any colour. Otherwise, mix the colours well, ensuring that the spokes and the rim lip blend well with the cohen colours. There are various ways to make your rims stand out in the car show. Just follow the guidelines.

5.Polish your car’s interior

You have better chances at the show if your interior fits your exterior, even if it's spotless. This is because the judges will not only be focusing on the exterior of your car but the interior as well. Ensure you get the right supplies to polish your interior to match the exterior.

Once you have cleaned the interior, proceed to check the radio, gauges, clock, ashtray, assembly, steering wheel, and mirrors. They should be flawless, and if there are any smudges or scratches, the area should be polished before the show.

6.Raise your Hood

This is the visual treat. A clean, well-kept engine compartment is essential. Flaunt it open unless the show requires all the hoods to be closed.

When it comes to checking out the cars on the show floor, this is the place to go. If your hood is closed, the odds of anyone proceeding to some other aspect of your car decrease by roughly 65%. So unless stated otherwise, let people see what's behind the car’s function.

7. Choose a good parking spot

The best way to get your car noticed is to ensure that you choose a parking spot that is not too crowded. Strategically park your vehicle in an area that will be easy for the judges and anybody else to notice quickly.

8.Be open to questions and critiques

Give people a tour of your car and allow them to ask any questions about your vehicle. Give people the opportunity to critique your vehicle and do not take it personally. Accepting this gives you a better chance of expounding on how you can better manage and maintain your car to be more presentable at the next show.

9.Pimp Your Ride

Pimped cars are on the current trend in the car show industry. They create a mystery that everyone is dying to uncover. Pimping your ride allows you to slowly flaunt your car as you show your hidden interior to the public and judges. Ensure that you budget well and visit the professional for the service; otherwise, it will mess your car.


As mentioned earlier, it takes more than just presenting your car to be noticed at any car show. To have better chances, ensure that you constantly service your ride. Give it a polish now and then. It helps to keep it in shape and offers you good service.

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