Home appliances are a significant investment. Finding reputable appliance repair services can help you restore their functionality when they stop functioning as required. Trusting the wrong company with your appliances can cost you lots of money in repairs and replacements. That is why we have prepared a handy guide with well-known repair companies, where they are located, and what they can fix. If you live in Calgary and the surrounding areas, Quality Appliance Repair Calgary LTD is an excellent option for home appliance repairs.

How We Classified the Best Appliance Repair Services

Most appliance repair companies cover repairs for all household equipment. However, regular maintenance on your appliances can help keep them in shape for longer. It would also be best to ascertain that the repair company you choose is licensed and insured. We arrived at the best appliance repair services on our radar by analyzing the following key factors:

  • Companies that efficiently repair a wide variety of brands and appliances
  • Appliance repair companies with impeccable customer service and quick responses
  • Companies offering additional maintenance and home improvement services
  • Appliance repair companies that provide guarantees for their services
  • Companies that are easily accessible

The Home Depot

Home Depot has numerous locations throughout the country and even across the borders. Depending on your location, you can easily access a Home Depot, especially if you need emergency services. The company is a large retail business that offers appliance parts for DIY repairs, repair technicians, and new appliances if yours needs to be replaced.

Home Depot's Protection Plan for Major Appliances is arguably its best feature. The plan comes into effect when your manufacturer's warranty expires and adds between three and five years of protection to your appliances. You might pay anything from $50 to $195 for a three-year plan, depending on the cost of the appliance itself. The five-year plan costs between $75 and $295. This insurance-backed plan covers all functional and aesthetic appliance repairs for the specified period.

Most of these repairs echo those of the manufacturer. For instance, Home Depot will cover in-home repairs if our manufacturer does, too. If your initial warrant included sending the appliance to the manufacturer, Home Depot covers the shipping costs to deliver it. The protection plan also covers:

  • 30% if you have never used the service when your plan expires
  • Discounts of up to $500 for maintenance parts purchased from the store
  • Food spoilage coverage of up to $300 if it was caused by damage to your appliance

Customers love Home Depot because it offers you a store gift card or replaces your appliance if they cannot fix it. This "no-lemon" clause applies if Home Depot has unsuccessfully tried to repair an issue with your home appliance four times.

Home Advisor

Home Advisor connects customers to licensed technicians or contractors near you. They are referred to as aggregators for appliance repair services. That is because they filter companies based on your needs and location and then provide you with certified recommendations. They are excellent for people who have just moved into a new area.

The company has a broad reach beyond Puerto Rico and Canada. As such, your chances of finding nearby services are high. Home Advisor has a screening process to ensure they only recommend companies that satisfy specific essential standards. They cover various appliance repair companies for residential and commercial appliances.


Lowe's boasts of more than 2,000 branches in the US and Canada. They also sell and offer repair services for all major home appliance brands with home improvement services. Lowe's offers three- and five-year protection plans, just like Home Depot. Their perks include:

  • Appliance replacements and "no-lemon" policies if they cannot successfully repair your appliances
  • 50% discounts on store-bought maintenance parts
  • Food spoilage reimbursements of up to $300
Lowe's has relatively low appliance prices compared to Home Depot. If your freezer or refrigerator repair takes more than 72 hours, they refund up to 25% of your original appliance's price as the rental cost. This is a lifesaver for people with small businesses or large families. Their 3-year protection plan costs between $29.97 and $179.97, while the five-year plan costs $49.97 to $294.97.

While these are some of the country's most reputable appliance repair services, due diligence is required. Ensure you read the terms and conditions and ask employees about anything you need clarified. Your choice also depends on your preference, personal sense of loyalty, or accessibility.